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April 9, 2010

Trip to Card Shop - LOOT!

So I went to the card shop today because one of my friends from the area dropped off a card for me a few days ago. He picked up 2 Adam Lind 2010 Heritage black refractors, and was kind enough to pass one onto me for a card to be named later. He also included a Russ Martin 2010 Finest blue refractor /599 which I didn't know about, so that was a very nice surprise. Thanks Dan.

While I was there rummaging through cards and shooting the breeze with Dave, he got a phone call and I wandered over to the case that has auto's in it just to see what was there. That is when I found my mojo, so to speak. There it was... just sitting there waiting for someone to light up like a kid on Christmas drooling. There was no way I couldn't do it, especially since he is one of my all-time favorite players.


2005 Topps Wade Boggs refractor auto serial numbered 11/25

It's ridiculous that he never struck out more than 68 times in a season his whole career. I know Albert is the same way so far, but that is very rare these days. For some players 68 strikeouts is about 40-50 short of where they finish.

I know that most of you didn't know that I am a huge Wade Boggs fan, but now you do. I always liked how he played the game as a kid, and I also played third base so he was like an idol growing up despite the uniform.

Special thanks to The Baseball Card Store once again for the hook up, and for being my interoffice mailbox between Dan and myself. Oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!


  1. And such a great looking on-card auto of a fantastic player.

    Though, I'm gonna be one of the weirdos who wishes it didn't have plastic surrounding it, hehe. Cards are meant for caressing!

  2. wow. one of your favourite players is a Red Sock.
    wonders never cease.

  3. Boggs was a one of a kind player. He was amazing, no matter what uniform he wore. I also loved George Brett until I found out he was an asshole and a drunk.