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December 29, 2015

More like a Funko problem

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This blog is obviously about trading cards -- it is a "A Cardboard Problem" after all. But in essence, it also about collecting, a hobby so many of us share together. I love collecting, and sometimes, not just cards.

Many of us don't just collect trading cards, but often find other things we feel compelled to hoard. While I slowly add Derek Jeter cards to my binders, I have another collection that I have been devoting time to. 

Pop! Funkos have gotten my attention. I don't know how long the fad will last, but I am here as long as they are. But, like card collecting, I don't want all of them. No, I just want the ones of the players (or in this case, the TV show) that I am interested in. 

I love Supernatural. I've watched the show since it aired on Day 1.

The Pop Funkos of Supernatural are my newest collection -- I've even dedicated a page to it here on the blog. The names in blue are the ones I own, red means it's on the way, and white means I still need to track it down.
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The page is more of checklist for the Supernatural Pop! Funko toys. New ones come out often and I haven't been able to find a definitive checklist for these collectibles.

But I am a completist, and currently I own 14 of the 22 possible variations that have been created. That's 64%, which is why better than my Jeter collection's current statistics. When it comes to my Jeter collection, I own just about 13% of all of his cards ever made. That doesn't seem like a lot, but it's more than 2,000 unique cards.

Slowly, both of these collection will build, but I have a feeling I may finish my Funko collection (not counting the minis) long before my Jeter collection.