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April 30, 2011

Panini Contest Winner Announced

Sorry for the delay in getting this up, but as promised here are the results of the contest for the base set plus 2 inserts of 2010-2011 Panini Classics Basketball (100 card set).

Congrats to arpsmith!! Please e-mail me your address and I will get your cards out to you Monday.

April 29, 2011

2011 Gypsy Queen Case Break Results Part 3

This is the post you have all been waiting for and it's the best of the 3 posts for sure. The final installment of the posts will contain all the relics, auto's, printing plates, and stamps pulled from the case. So here we go!

Game Used Relics

Framed Relics There was also a Jeter relic that was kidnapped.

Stamp Cards /10


Printing Plate's

Gypsy Jewel (case hit)

I hope you guys had fun in the break and liked seeing all the scans of the cards. I know if I were in on a break I would want to see what cards were pulled without watching a 2 hour video and trying to remember. I think overall we did well, with the exception of the missing autographs. I will be sending in our UPC's and we will see what we get back in return. All I can say is they better not send us a bunch of freakin' Gypsy's autos or I will have to start that blog post off with an R rating for language.

What do you guys think of the mojo? Thumbs up or down?

April 28, 2011

2011 Gypsy Queen Case Break Results Part 2

As promised, here is the next installment of the case break results. I just compiled and tallied up all the mini cards from the case, and there are a ton of them.

Each mini pack in the box contains 10 mini cards, 6 regular back, one of each insert (Future Stars, HR Heroes, Great Ones), and one lighter color hobby exclusive. One card is missing from the scans, there was a Jeter mini exclusive that Sooz stole.

I only scanned one base card and one Gypsy back to show what they look like. There were 232 regular mini's and 38 Gypsy back mini's.

Mini black, 20 total

Mini Future Stars

Mini Homerun Heroes

Mini Great Ones

Mini SP's

Sepia Mini /99, 5 total

Leather Mini's /10, 3 total

Mini Printing Plate 1/1

There were also 50 total SP's in the case from what I counted. We tried to separate the SP's as we opened the packs, and for the most part I think we got all of them. There may be some we missed. But there are definitely at least 50. I didn't scan the SP's because they are exactly like the regular base cards.

The hits will hopefully get posted later tonight or early tomorrow morning. I want to start sorting all the cards to mail so I am trying to get everything shown on here quickly.

Also-- if I owe you any cards from the Series 1 wrapper redemption and you have a team now please let me know so I can see if I have to put any cards in your package.

2011 Gypsy Queen Case Break Results Part 1

As most of you know last night we broke a case of 2011 Topps GQ live on UStream. While there was a great showing by the participants and fellow bloggers, I know you guys would like to see the hits, parallels, etc. up close and know what you got since it will take me a couple of days to sort all these cards.

I decided to break it up for my sanity into 3 posts. This one with the inserts, one with mini's and SP's, and one with the mojo. You can decide which one you would like to see next by leaving a comment and that will be what I work on scanning and posting tonight. Also, I would love to hear your feedback on the product itself.

I went and tried to make a complete set of each of the inserts, just to see how they fell in the case. I figured this way everyone could get a look at each card in one place.

So here we go....

Future Stars
(20 card set) There was at least one complete set of these in the case, and a total of 58 cards.

Homerun Heroes
(25 card set) There was #4 or #5, so there was no complete set to be made. 59 total cards.

Great Ones
(30 card set) This also couldn't be completed, missing a card #26, with 59 total cards.

Gypsy Tarot Card Back


Framed Paper /999
57 total cards in the case

Overall, there are a ton of inserts already and that doesn't include all the mini's. I think the mini's really made this set. I like tiny cards. The framed paper cards are really nice in person, I don't think the scans do them justice.

So let me know what you guys think.