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March 30, 2010

Trade Bait

OK, I am going to try and be productive tonight and scan some cards that I want to try and trade. I am only trading for Pujols, Cano, Lind (maybe Cervelli or Hughes) no one else. If no one is interested I may throw them on eBay for a laugh.

Here goes........

This is an Ichiro Dice Back that my scanner hated.... it's mint like everything else, but the white background was not agreeing with scanner.
If anyone has a Yankee Stadium seat card to trade that would be sweet, too.

There might be a sequel to this blog.

Wasting my time

Note: This post does not represent the opinions of all who participate in this blog:

I'm taking time out of my day to tell all of your NOT to vote in Upper Deck's popularity contest. We're listed as one of the nominees, however, if I was asked, I would have told Upper Deck to not bother.

I already expressed my opinion earlier that I didn't like it. Now, come to find out there are certain blogs that are stuffing the ballots, getting people to vote who don't even read card blogs. Additionally, some blogs are missing from the list of nominees, most notably Night Owl Cards and Dinged Corners. Any popularity contest that does not include these two blogs already proves what a joke it is.

Secondly, there are inactive blogs on there. How does that even work?

I wish everyone would go read the comments on a post Marie did yesterday. More and more people are becoming disenchanted with collecting cards. Perhaps this is all part of the problem.

March 29, 2010

We are the worst right now

Well, as you have read from some of Sooz's more recent posts she has kind of lost her card mojo and I am very close to joining her unfortunately. I'm not sure why but I really haven't been looking at many cards on eBay like I normally would, and Adam Lind has gone through the roof and the season hasn't even started up yet.

Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that I picked someone who actually panned out and that I had a good feeling about but damn! I figured when I started collecting him that he projects well, and he's pretty cheap so I'm going to follow him. I just hadn't planned on following him to bankruptcy, and I still don't. A few weeks ago I posted a 2007 Topps Chrome card of Lind, autographed and serial numbered to 25 which ended around $42 bucks. A few days after that, a second one of that same card popped up and ended at $61.

I think that is helping aid my slump, how can I justify spending (even if I wanted to) $61 on an Adam Lind auto when most Cano cards don't go for that much, and this is going to sound even crazier, but at that point I might as well pony up for a Pujols auto. I have had to streamline my collection just to hold onto these 3 for my PC because it's ridiculous now. I have picked up a couple of Hughes auto's during this past year, but nothing crazy- I traded for one and got the other for like $6 on a weird bargain.

I have a pile, rephrase, PILES of cards on my desk that need to be scanned, logged in, and put away. They have been sitting here, some for over a month, waiting patiently to go into their new homes here. With that being said, I have some pretty sweet cards to show off, and I think once I get to scanning and posting I will be better. Actually, once I find something fun at the shop or at Target I will be fine, we all know that.

Anyone else in a buying/collecting funk?

I have to scan a bunch of GU and chrome/chrome refractors I am looking to trade from Heritage and some other stuff. I am still in need of Pujols chrome/chrome refractor, and Lind black refractor if anyone has those I would like to talk business. If you collect Chipper Jones, Dan Uggla, Bo Jackson, and a variety of others you want me to do some work and scan...

Now tell me you want to see my new cards and motivate me!

eTopps Minor League Release 3/29-4/5

This weeks new minor league eTopps cards are:

Grant Green, Stockton Ports

Justin Smoak, Oklahoma City Redhawks

Both cards have a print run of 799, and are $4.00.

March 28, 2010

Sunday Question

Do you have a tradition to the start of baseball season?

We are one week away from opening day. How do you start preparing?

March 26, 2010

Cornerstone to my Adam Lind Collection

I've been collecting Adam Lind since 2007 and have picked up many of his early cards, and I try to keep up with the cards as they come out. Lind is probably the only player I have followed from the beginning in my collection. Oddly enough his cards are becoming more and more expensive and despite the fact that I can turn so many for about 50 times what I paid, I am keeping all of them. I am greedy and I like stuff, I keep lots of stupid crap I don't need but this I can justify.

Out of all the autographs I have (even the Sterling RC that took me like 3 years to get), I am pretty sure this is what I would consider the cornerstone to my collection. I have always wanted to be able to one of my guys names spelled out like this, thanks to some good hearted collectors, Flash from Dropped 3rd Strike who supplied the "D", and good old eBay for the "N" and the win.
Sorry for the large picture, but the cards are all in protective cases and I was not removing them to scan them and risk creasing or damaging them in the scanner. But, isn't it wonderful? Sigh.

I love baseball cards.

The Last Tier of Yankee Stadium Comes Tumbling Down

When the last bit of tier from Yankee Stadium fell, my heart might have been under it.

Baseball Documentary

Last night I watched A Player to be Named Later
on Netflix. It is a documentary about the Milwaukee Brewers minor league system, and it chronicles one season from Spring in Arizona through the end, showing players moving up, down, getting designated for assignment, and others just managing to stay on the AAA level.

Some people could find this boring but I think this gives you a better understanding of what these guys go through, and what they need to do to bust their asses to get here. One of the guys that is seen throughout the movie is Marco Scutaro. They pronounce his name "skit-taro" in the moviewhich makes me question the way everyone says it on tv now.

In either case, this is something you should check out of you have Netflix and if you hate it well you can move on to the next movie in your queue. If you don't have Netflix click any of the links to a cheap copy of the movie
on DVD.

March 25, 2010

Offensive Jimmy Johnson commercial?

Jimmy Johnson as a spokesperson for Extenze is a little creepy and a little funny. But as a female reporter, I found this commercial offensive and I'm airing my views here.

At least they didn't dress her up as a tramp.

Update: Here was my response when VOTC asked me why on Facebook:

I know I am more sensitive to this type of thing than other people because I work in the industry. The second half is worse. I don't care for the mock interview or her being interested in his penis. There are so many speed bumps and road blocks as a woman in this industry that even something that may seem benign could have repercussions.

When I am working, I conduct myself in a professional manner and that doesn't include me ever asking someone about enhancing their penis.

Why did they not get a male counterpart asking if it really works? Why did it have to be a female reporter? Is she looking to get some for her own partner? If so, why is she discussing her personal life at the workplace. ... See More

Perhaps I'm different. I don't talk about my personal life at work. I'm also more sensitive to this subject because she is representing who I am, a female reporter in the sports industry.

March 24, 2010

This is really Tim Lincecum's alter ego, right?

The first time I saw the name, I snickered. Yes, I'm a 12-year-old girl and find little things funny like when the head basketball coach an opposing team is high school was named Mike Hunt. I thought that was hilarious. Big things make me laugh too, but this just deserves a chuckle.

I was reminded again of the name when I was looking at some 2010 Finest cards on eBay. Oh, they are there. I immediately thought of Tim Lincecum when I read the name. And, if I have to explain it to you, well, yeah ... I got nothing because I'm not explaining it.

If you are interested in the above card, click here. Not my auction, but since I used the pic, I figure I would throw them some credit.

I actually dig the base cards of this set. I like the way the logo is in the background. I haven't head any of these cards, but the logo looks embossed. So far, I've found one Yankees team set on eBay, 13 cards for $17.15 shipped. I'll pass.

Slim pickins, so far

With there being so little product in 2010, I've noticed that for player collectors there aren't too many cards out there. It's good in a way because for someone like me, I am going to save more money. As noted back when the Topps, MLB and UD lawsuits and shenanigans were going on, the money I spent on Upper Deck isn't magically going to be spent on Topps. I am just going to spend more money.

But, I do love the chase. I like looking at new cars even I don't always buy them.

It's like when I went to the Ferrari dealership at the Wynn in Vegas. I wasn't buying a Ferrari. I will probably never be able to afford a Ferrari (although, I did play Power Ball last night), but I still wanted to look. I am able to appreciate the beauty of that car.

Just like I can appreciate the beauty of a Derek Jeter autograph numbered 2/2 because he wears the number 2. I can't afford that card and I will hate the person who buys it on eBay for eternity, but I still like to look.

This came up because I did a search for 2010 Kouzmanoff on eBay. The results were staggering.

I got back four auctions. FOUR. There were more cards in stores, but just four auctions and all for his Upper Deck jersey, which I paid all of .99 cents for earlier this year. This lends me time to focus on some of Kouzmanoff's earlier cards that I do not own and I bought a nice little beauty just the other day.

But, my eye candy is gone.

March 23, 2010

I'd like to thank Minnesota now for letting the Yankees afford Joe Mauer

Joe Mauer recently signed a contract reportedly worth $184 million through 2018. It's the richest contact in history for a catcher.

Mauer is a great catcher and I loved watching the story about him on the MLB Network after he won the AL MVP last season.

And, now, I'd like to thank Minnesota for paying him so much. Because when the Twins can't afford to pay him anymore, there's only going to be one team who will be able to afford him.

I'm hoping that's going to be 2-3 years away instead of like 4-5, but I am guessing by 2015, Joe Mauer will be a New York Yankee. Anyone want a Mauer rookie card now before they get too expensive in five years?

My vote in the Upper Deck awards

Upper Deck announced a recent award program/contest for best bloggers, best card forum, etc.

Perhaps this goes with my recent waning in collecting (although I did win a couple of cards on eBay recently, but I don't get it. Or may be I do, and I just don't see the point.

Competition is fun, but I never felt like I have been in competition with the other bloggers. I enjoy blogging about cards and posting news because it's what I am interested. I love meeting new bloggers and reading the insight of everyone out there.

The forums are great for these reasons as well because it keeps the conversation going. You get to interact with other people from across the county - even world - and talk about baseball cards.

I love it.

When I read about something going on in the hobby and I look at my boyfriend and say, "Hey, Upper Deck can't make baseball cards anymore." He hears: "Hey, do you want me to get you something the kitchen?" It's the same thing I hear when he starts talking about cars. So, I get it.

It's great to have this outlet as well as others to talk about baseball cards.

So, I'm not voting in Upper Deck's awards or nominating any blogs. I pretty much have a blog lists in my Google reader and read everyone's blog as it is as a daily basis. At least try to when work isn't weighing me down. I appreciate every blog out there and love the originality they all have to offer.

I'm like a mom, I love them all the same.

March 22, 2010

2010 eTopps Minor Leaguers Week 1

This week eTopps is offering the following cards, both with a print run of 749:

Jesus Montero

Pedro Alvarez

eTopps Offering Minor League Players

Starting today eTopps is offering a selection of rising stars from the minor leagues with incentives for us to pick up these cards. I am posting the e-mail that they sent to me so you can read it first hand. The cards go on sale starting today at 1pm, so if this is something that interests you keep your butt near your computer. I will try and post an update when I get notice of which cards will be released today.


"eTopps is excited to capture the game's youngest players and possibly the game's future big league stars! For the first time ever online, eTopps is now the exclusive online home of officially licensed Minor League Baseball cards. Get in early and follow your Minor Leaguers as they move their way toward the bigs.

This collection will feature players who have been judged by baseball writers and scouts to be their organization's brightest prospects, with the potential for future Major League stardom. We will offer Minor Leaguers selectively throughout the baseball season and capture players as they make their pro debuts at the Minor League level.

To celebrate the approach of Opening Day, we will begin offering cards from the eTopps Minor League Baseball collection on Monday, March 22 at 1PM EDT and continue offering additional cards during the baseball season (while of course also offering MLB cards as well)! The collection will include Minor League stars including established studs like Jesus Montero and hot young stars like Pedro Alvarez as they make their pro debuts.

The collection will be beautifully presented and delivered via a special new eTopps Minor League Baseball design, and brought to life of course on stunning eTopps technology. Cards will be offered individually, encased and be sequentially numbered.

Two Added Bonuses: Those lucky eTopps users who own eTopps Minor League cards of any player who is named MVP of their respective Minor League's 2010 All-Star Game in their online portfolio at 11:59AM (EDT) on August 31, 2010 will receive 5 eTopps Performance Bonus Reward points! In addition, eTopps users who own an eTopps Minor League card of a player who is called up to the roster of his Major League team for the first time between April and August 2010 (prior to the expansion of rosters on September 1, 2010) in their portfolio as of 11:59AM (EDT) on the next business day following their callup will receive 5 eTopps Performance Bonus Reward points as well!

Be sure to visit eTopps on Monday, March 22nd! Cards go on sale at 1PM EDT. And be sure to come back in the weeks that follow for additional cards, leading up to the debut of the 2010 eTopps Baseball season in April!

As always, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at '' if you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions. A customerservice representative will be available to assist you between the hours of 9:00am - 4:30pm (ET), Monday through Friday.

Thank you once again for your continued support of eTopps!"