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March 31, 2008

Greensboro Card Shops?

Are there any in Greensboro, N.C.?

I have been here for a few days and have been looking around, but I haven't been able to find one. I had a list of three of them -- all on the same street -- and drove up and down and saw nothing.

I love eBay, I am not going to pretend that I don't use it. However, I love card shops too. Meeting different people and getting stories is just part of the fun. The guys we met in Tampa were great. We bonded with them and even got hugs from the mom.

This is the kinda place I wish I had near me. However, the only two card shops in my area are BC Sports and an overpriced hobby shop that is even more money than BC.

So any help is appreciated.

March 24, 2008

Tampa Moments & Milestones Breaks

No one ever said we were frugal. We ended up buying 5 boxes, 2 each and split one because we have serious issues. It's an addiction, and it can sometimes be costly, or depending on what bargain packs Target has, it could be cheap fun.

Here are some of the top notch cards I pulled, the scans are missing a 1/1 Red Luke Hochevar RC. (a 1/1, which by the way has been on eBay twice already.)


That's the best of it. Sooz got some great cards also, she was the one who pulled the Braun auto, but I acquired that for a Cole Hamels Bowman's Best Auto. I did also give her a Brandon Jones auto ERR card that is really Joey Votto.

March 23, 2008

Back from Tampa

Greetings baseball card addicts! We just got back from Tampa tonight, and boy did we have some fun. We found a great card shop, and got great cards for good prices. I will be scanning and giving you the info on it all tomorrow or Monday.

Between us we broke 5 boxes of Moments & Milestones, and bought some single cards we needed. Lots of autos, lots to trade, and more importantly lots to show everyone.

We are definitely interested in trading for Pujols and Jeter. Please e-mail us if you have either for trade, and we will get you a list of what you are interested in.

March 13, 2008

2008 UD Yankee Stadium Legacy

I am up to 81 cards. As in 81/1250 released so far this year. In other words, keep checking the blog for the next 25 years or so as I almost complete it.


2008 Topps Moments & Milestones Break #2

:::yawn::: I mean, yay that was fun. By fun I mean there wasn't anything fun in here for me. The cards I got that I liked, I didn't scan because I'm lazy. Those cards are Votto RC, Hochevar RC, 2 Pujols, 2 Jeter, Mariano, Cano, and some A-Rod's.

Here are the rest. (This box makes me want to get up and go to BC Sports and buy more so I can possibly get something cool.)


March 11, 2008

2008 Topps Moments & Milestones Break #1

After a long wait, they are finally here. I broke one box tonight and was pleasantly surprised to fine 3 autos in a box that is supposed to have only 2. Not too bad, but I won't get too excited until I open the rest of the boxes. I like this set for some reason, even though I know I will never complete much of it, or care to for that matter. I am still trying to get the rest of the Pujols cards from last year, and considering I only got 3 /150 so far, that probably won't happen this year either. Here are the highlights from the first box.


Stay tuned for break #2...

12 packs of Moments & Milestones

Here are the scans from the 12 packs I got. I did get 2 Jeter's, and one Joba that aren't included in the scans.





March 10, 2008

2008 Topps Moments & Milestones

They have finally arrived. I got 2 boxes in the mail today, and while I was out I picked up a few packs today, and a couple on Friday. I will post the pack scans later tonight, all are for trade or sale except Yankees. I purchased 12 loose packs altogether, which I now realize was kind of dumb, because there are 18 packs to a box. I'll learn one day. I did pull an auto out of the packs on Friday, and nothing great other than that. Today, no auto but I got a Joba card, and a Jeter.

This goes without saying, 12 packs and no Pujols. I got a bunch of black cards and some blue also. I will scan later so everyone can see.

For the record, 12 packs got me 2 Jeters, 0 Pujols, 5 A-Rod and 1 A-Rod black.

More later tonight, and a possible box break post as well.

I'm still waiting for someone out there to let us know of some good spots in the Tampa area to pick up cards. Hello?! Anyone? Bueller?

March 3, 2008

2008 Topps Heritage Break #2

Well.... Topps finally came through with something decent. And by decent, I mean that I can sell on eBay as opposed to it being a Pujols or Yankee card.

Here are the scans of what I got:

08 Topps Heritage ROA Bil Renna /59 Red
Real One Autograph - Bill Renna 56/59, Red Ink Auto

08 Topps Heritage CC Tejada GU Jersey
Clubhouse Collection - Miguel Tejada GU Jersey

08 Josh Hamilton Chrome /1959
Josh Hamilton Chrome 1883/1959

Topps News: Derek Lee, J.J. Hardy

Then & Now: Luis Aparicio / Jose Reyes, Minnie Minoso / Ichiro

New Age Performers: David Wright

Baseball Thrills: A-Rod, Tulo, Prince, Buchholz, Manny

Flashbacks News: NASA Introduces First Seven Astronauts, Hawaii BEcomes the 50th State

Flashbacks Baseball: Ernie Banks, Mickey Mantle

Black Backs: 7, 28, 49, 67, 90, 126, 135, 175, 176, 179, 196, 198, 210, 225, 284, 291, 301, 325, 330, 333, 335, 337, 372

MY FAVORITES: Joba, Mariano Rivera, Jason Giambi, Andy Phillips, Hunter Pence, Adam Lind, Tim Lincecum & a Black Back Tulo

Basically all For Trade, cept my Favorites, and the Fielder Thrills card at this point I don't have a double of that.