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October 11, 2015

In search of Road to the Championship cards

OK, so I have reached my wits end with searching and waiting for these cards to appear.  I need all of the McDonagh cards with the exception of R1G1, R1G2, R2G4.

If anyone has any available for trade please comment.  I have some of these with other players I would be willing to trade, and plenty of GU/auto cards to offer.

October 2, 2015

Show off!

I may be off the grid but I still creep on eBay sniping and bidding (yelling,screaming and crying) over cards.  I always wait until I have a big bunch of cards and then I scan them to put into the folder on my computer with all my McDonagh autographs and game used cards.  After scanning everything and opening all my Ultra Pro snap magnetic snap cases, I have realized I did not buy enough 130pt ones to put everything away which makes me angry.  I have a little bit of an OCD with how i keep my autographs and game used cards for my PC.

Here is what I have picked up since the last time we spoke:

 2010-11 Showcase Showdown /19

2010-11 NHL Ink /25

2011-12 Threads /50

Has anyone opened any 2015-16 The Cup Hockey?  Curious what people think about opening a box of that since I will never ever be able to justify buying one on my budget.

Also, if you have any base or inserts of McDonagh that you don't want please contact me to trade.