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October 4, 2016

Video Unboxing: 258 West Authentic Autograph of the Month Club

I joined 258 West Authentic's Autograph of the Month Club in its third month - missing out on Hayley Atwell, who was the first autograph sent to subscribers. I've been happy with the 8x10 autos I've received so far and created a video for the September edition of the club.

Watch the video to see the autograph I received ... Hint: It was a Game of Thrones actor.

Check out the Autograph of the Month Club here.

Past signers for the Autograph of the Month Club include:

February 2016: Hayley Atwell
March 2016: Liam McIntyre
April 2016: Pedro Pascal
May 2016: Adrienne Wilkinson
June 2016: Patrick Gallagher
July 2016: Alan Tudyk
August 2016: Manu Bennett

August 26, 2016

The best player collection EVAH!

When I started this blog in 2007 (holy $%!* that’s a long time ago), my life was very different. I lived in South Jersey, played poker 3-4 times a week, interviewed athletes and wrote about sports nearly every day.

Nine years later, life is drastically different. I’m married a man who also collects baseball cards, which seemed impossible.

And now I’m a mom.

Many new parents post photos of their children on Facebook or Instagram, or they send out birth announcements. But a simple photo was not enough for us, not a family with a cardboard problem.

We made baseball cards to announce the birth of our son. We plan to make this a yearly tradition for all of his birthdays and potentially major milestones. I already have a special binder to place his cards, creating the most amazing player collection I will ever own.

Since mommy and daddy don’t root for the same team, we made two different cards: Yankees and Rangers. As long as it’s not the Red Sox or the Mets, I would be OK with any other choice. But, I can tell he’s already a smart kid and I believe he will be rooting for the team in the Bronx.

These cards were very easy to make. I didn’t get special treatment just because I work at Topps. Topps offers custom cards on its website with a number of different designs (check it out here). We chose the 2016 design because – naturally – he was born in 2016.

In 2014, we also created one for our wedding and used the 1968 design.

Best collection ever!