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December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Just a note to all our readers to wish everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Thanks to all who have been reading and following the blog this year, we appreciate all our readers and their comments.

Keep up with our adventures in the new year, I am positive we will have some tales to tell.

UD Documentary: Anyone want?

I (Sooz) have a problem. I'm ready and willing to admit it because why else would I buy a blaster of UD Documentary after seeing Marie's posts about them.

It's because I have a cardboard problem, obviously.

However, I want to make my problems, your problems.

I don't have scans because I am not using the computer where the scanner is and, really, I'm too lazy to try and clear the cards off that desk to use it. However, I'm want to give away the cards I got in the UD Documentary.

So, if you want a particular team, let me know. The cards will be all yours. Here's the rundown of what I have with a team count.

Angels - 2
Blue Jays - 5
Brewers - 4
Cubs - 4
Diamondbacks - 4
Giants 5 (including Brian Wilson ASG)
Indians - 1
Mariners - 5
Marlins - 5
Nationals - 4
Padres - 3
Pirates - 4
Rangers - 5
Rays - 5 (including Navarro ASG)
Red Sox - 4
Rockies - 3
Royals - 3
Tigers - 4
White Sox - 5

Yankees are missing from the list because I am giving them to Marie.

Just leave a comment or send me an email and let me know which team you want. I'm doing it on a first-come, first-serve basis. As people request teams, I will take the teams name off the list.

December 30, 2008

Bubble Mailer Day!

I have been a little lazy in writing this blog, but here it is at long last. Not too long ago Dave, from Fielder's Choice, ran a group box break of 2007 Sweet Spot. Each person/blog was assigned to, or picked a team and whatever corresponding cards he pulled were sent to the winners. Lucky for me we ended up with the Cardinals. Dave pulled an Albert Pujols serial numbered 332/850 and a Chris Carpenter serial numbered 676/850. Sweet for me since I did not have that Pujols yet.

Thanks to Fielder's Choice for including us in his group break, and for keeping us in mind for trades.

While I am here bragging about the fun of the mail and Fielder's Choice, here is another part of my mail day. I traded an Evan Longoria 1st Day Issue card from 2008 Stadium Club to Dave in exchange for 3 YSL Don Mattingly cards. Here are the cards I got:

Yahoo!! Inching closer by the day with my YSL Collection.

2008 Sweet Spot Hobby Box Break #2

Long story short, I somehow acquired a second box. With the exception of the card that made the whole thing worth it 10 times over, tell me if this box break looks familiar.

Pack One:

- Derek Jeter (yay)
- Jose Reyes
- Russell Martin (yay)
- Sweet Swatch Memorabilia Ron Guidry

- Aaron Rowand
- Scott Rolen
- Joba Chamberlain (yay)
- YSL Ron Guidry

(Nice pack for a Yankee fan that's for sure.)

Pack Two:

- Manny Ramirez
- Alex Rodriguez (yay)
- Troy Tulowitzki (yay)
- Sweet Swatch Triple Memorabilia Pedro Martinez/Trevor Hoffman/Randy Johnson

- B.J. Upton
- Felix Hernandez
- Justin Verlander
- YSL Dave Winfield

Pack Three:

- Trevor Hoffman
- David Wright
- Jonathan Papelbon
- Sweet Swatch Dual Memorabilia Travis Hafner & Justin Morneau (yes, no joke. at least Morneau's swatch is an away jersey in this one... snarl)
- Aaron Harang
- Vernon Wells
- Dontrelle Willis
- YSL David Wells

Pack Four:

- Jonathan Papelbon (x2)
- Roy Oswalt
- Chase Utley
- Sweet Swatch Memorabilia Miguel Cabrera (yes, really. only difference is the material texture.)

- Derek Jeter (x2)(yay for Sooz)
- Johan Santana
- Rich Harden
- YSL Tommy John

Pack Five a.k.a. The Mother Pack:

- Jose Reyes (x2)
- Russell Martin (x2)
- Chipper Jones
- Sweet Spot Signatures Bat KEN GRIFFEY JR. 190/230 (holy schnikeys!!)

- Albert Pujols
- Torii Hunter
- Dan Uggla
- YSL Don Mattingly

Pack Six this was Tin Pack:

- Jeff Francoeur
- Nick Markakis
- Brandon Webb
- Sweet Swatch Memorabilia Felix Hernandez (uh huh... at least it's gray? wtf)

- Carlos Beltran
- Ichiro
- Michael Young
- YSL Willie Randolph

Yes, please tell me how I rarely purchase or obtain something this pricey and for once end up with 2 boxes that have virtually all the same cards? Not to mention I only got one autograph card. I'm not being greedy here, but I mean really I could have done without one of the THREE I already had, and got one autograph. But then again, it probably would have been a Brian Bixler autograph.

I did purchase them from the same store, but shouldn't there have been some variety to the case they were in? I am not even going to bother writing to Upper Deck because I am pretty sure I am going to get absolutely no where with that complaint.

At any rate, how about the Griffey Jr. card?!! I am super happy about that one and plan to hold onto it for a while, or until someone comments that they have a nice Pujols Sweet Spot auto to trade me for it... Overall, if we forget that I already had 3 of the GU cards, I did get 5 players that I collect, 6 if you count the Pujols that I now have 3 of.

If anyone has a Phil Hughes from this set please send it my way and I'll get you something you need.

2008 Ballpark Collection Albert Pujols

This is the latest addition to my Albert Pujols collection:

I like this card for several reasons, the first and most obvious is because it adds another card to my Pujols collection. I also like this card because Pat Burrell is on it, and I have taken a recent interest in him. The final reason is that I paid a whole $4.25 for it, yay for eBay!

I have 6 Ballpark Collection Pujols cards now, and there are about 40 something floating around. I figure I will pick up one here and there, and I am going to concentrate on the dual and quad jersey cards because the others are out of my price range.

Have any from this set? Let me know, maybe we can work out a trade.

December 29, 2008

Jose... Jose... Jose... Canseco

I was looking through some random old boxes of cards trying to put together some team lots for the collectors that I have traded with in the past in the event any of them are needed and stumbled across some vintage fun. I like odd cards, but what I like better are the cards or promos that most people never thought to keep, much less toss into a penny sleeve for safe keeping.

Here is my classic find:
1985 Burger King - Jose Canseco card

While the back of the card didn't translate well in the scan, you get the idea. I have a whole mess of random old sets from Burger King, Wonder Bread, Mc Donalds, etc. I wish they would do stuff like this now, it adds a little spice to your collection and it's something that you don't have to buy a hobby box to complete. You just have to cough up a little cash to get it, or eat your weight in french fries.

If my memory serves me correctly, I believe 2001 was the last time one of these sets was around (at least in the NY area). I have a McDonald's team set of the Yankees from then, and it's one of my favorites despite putting players separately with their respective cards. One day when I am motivated I will scan some of those.

Since this was in the box as well, I figured I would feature another one of his cards that stood the test of time nicely. I have a soft spot for the 89 Bowman, they were slightly oversized, had nice pictures which were mostly headshots that they have shied away from over the years for action shots, and they would be great for signatures if I ever get motivated for TTM stuff.

Yankee Stadium Legacy - The Curse and The Quest

While I love this set, it is very time consuming. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to log in about 90 new cards. Thanks to Eric from the Pettitte Pursuit, Sooz, and my mom putting some in my stocking for help in getting me all the way to.....

Drumroll please....

725 total cards!

What I would really love to get from this set are the first few cards, especially Game #1. Eventually I want to put these somewhere nice than the cardboard box they are in, but if I do ever complete this, that will take up a lot of binders and space. Not going to worry about that now because I am too happy to have finally surpassed 10% complete.

While I am not a set builder, I decide to build the largest set ever. Great job by me, right? In my defense, I do think this was one of the best ideas for Yankees fans, and baseball card collectors despite my hatred of the anti-Yankee Stadium Legacy produced for QVC.

If anyone has any for trade, by all means e-mail me.

December 28, 2008

Is it March yet?

The northeast had an unseasonably warm today. I spent the day working, but it was in Wildwood, N.J. When I could stand on the beach with a short-sleeved shirt on in December, it really only makes me think of one thing.

Sadly, it’s not Global Warming. That was the second thought.

The first was Spring Training. I like football. As a New York Giants fan, it didn’t get much better than last year. This year is shaping up to be a great one as well.

But baseball.

Sweet, sweet baseball.

I love the sport. I would even call it a passion. It’s the reason my life has ended up the way it is. Baseball, in a sense, has directed my life. So, usually the first thing I think about is Spring Training when the weather starts getting warmer.

Although, it shouldn’t be warm yet.

It’s still 2008 and fans in the area are basking in the glow of the Phillies World Championship. It makes me eager for the season and the New York Yankees to get on the field. My ideal World Series would be the Yankees and Phillies, simply because I’m greedy and would be able to go to all the games for free.

So, here’s to the warm weather and the countdown to Spring Training.
In case any one was wondering, my New Year’s wish is to get Andy Pettitte back with the Yankees. (No, not sheets like I got for Christmas.)
By the way, the dot on the mound is a Christmas tree. It's field at Yankee Stadium.


It's Official...

The holidays have finally sucked the rest of the life, and money right out of me. I have had it. I can't tell you the amount of people in the mall here the past 2 days, especially people with kids whining about needing ridiculous crap that they don't need. I watched one lady buy a kid, no more than maybe 12 a box of Topps Sterling after him saying he would love her forever. Really? Christmas was not even 24 hours ago at the time. $320 hobby box for a pack, for a kid who "Santa" just visited... I wouldn't even buy myself such a thing, much less have the nerve to ask for it. I feel weird asking for something more than $100 max from a relative of any sort.

OK, and while I am on this topic, there is no recession or lack of people interested in this hobby. Yesterday I watched a guy spend well over $1,000 on boxes of cards, mainly baseball and including 4 Sweet Spot boxes, 1 Triple Threads, Tri-Star Signa, Masterpieces, Legends, and some others I am forgetting. Today, another guy bought a bunch of stuff as well. Cards and memorabilia have been flying off the shelves, and yes they have all been on sale, but I hardly consider $400 for an auto'd helmet a steal. It really has been an interesting time to work in this industry, and see what people are actually interesting in and spending not online.

While I do like to waste money on things I know I shouldn't be buying, I could never see myself dropping $320 on a pack when that could pay health insurance or a car payment. A blaster here and there, and the occasional hobby box, sure. Splitting a case with Sooz for eBay, of course- anytime because I am waiting for us to pull a sweet looking Pujols auto (which will be in the pack Sooz opens, of course).

Sorry for the rant, but I thought some people may find that the local retail shops selling cards are not suffering which may be in part to the fact that there are really no local card shops left around here, and partly because it's Christmas-time. The hobby of card collecting is far from being in a recession, but I don't think it is recession proof as we both know from running a store of cards online.

Anyone else see anything interesting in the stores? Or know of any stories? Let me know, I will be with relatives all day tomorrow bored and checking the blog and internet all day from my phone.

December 27, 2008

2008 Sweet Spot Hobby Box Break

I was dying to break this one so I took care of my curiosity tonight after I got home from work. Here is the break:

Pack One:

- Upton
- Hernandez
- Verlander

- Sweet Swatch Memorabilia Felix Hernandez

- Bay
- Zambrano
- Pudge (Yankees uniform)
- Kubek YSL

Pack Two:
- Young
- Beltran
- Ichiro
- Sweet Swatch Dual Memorabilia Hafner & Morneau

- Griffey Jr.

- Cano

- Smoltz
- Berra YSL

Pack Three:

- Rios
- Hoffman
- Wright
- Sweet Beginnings Brian Bixler Auto 185/699 (ok really, not happy)

- Santana
- Harden
- Pena
- Howard YSL

Pack Four:

- Phillips
- Sheffield
- Milledge
- Sweet Swatch Memorabilia Nick Markakis

- Albert Pujols (amazing, I get his card yet did not need it)

- Hunter
- Uggla
- Maris YSL

Pack Five:

- Gordon
- Hafner
- Ortiz
- Sweet Swatch Memorabilia Miguel Cabrera

- Thome
- Blanton
- Fielder
- Skowron YSL

Pack Six:

- Haren
- Mauer
- Lowell
- Phillips (yay, two of these.)
- Sweet Spot Signatures Bob Gibson 062/250

- Butler
- Sanchez
- Berkman
- Skowron YSL

Overall, this was fun but... don't know if I'm happy with what I got out of it. The Bixler auto, I couldn't care less about having or pulling. The Gibson auto is pretty sweet, and I'm just glad I didn't end up with some scrub player. You do get a lot of base cards in the hobby box which for the money is nice. And you can not go wrong with a Hall of Famer autograph, I am pleased with that.

December 26, 2008

What Santa Sooz Brought To Me

Hooray!!! It was another smashing present from Sooz, even though she didn't deliver Pujols himself, it was close enough. She got me a Cardinals Pujols t-shirt, which I will wear almost daily, the 25th Anniversary Edition of 'A Christmas Story', which is pretty much one of 3 favorites, a Spongebob making muscles like I do, and BASEBALL CARDS! Really, what kind of gifts would we be exchanging if there wasn't at least one card somewhere in the mix? Here are the cards I got:

- 2003 Donruss Studio Albert Pujols Big League Challenge GU Jersey

- 2007 Topps Russ Martin All Star Game Stitches GU Jersey

She was also kind enough to bring me some YSL's, a Pujols Die Cut UDx to get me one card away from completing that set, a Pujols SP Authentic- Authentic Achievements, and a few Russ Martin's, and a Cano Stadium Club First Day Issue (which do not exist in Beckett unless they are serial numbered).

Perhaps you will soon read of what Sooz left here with, and whether or not her boyfriend is still speaking to me. Thanks Sooz for all the great stuff, and for spending some time here today.

Robinson Cano Presents for Christmas

My brother got me two great additions to my Cano autograph collection, which is coming along nicely might I add.

- 2008 Topps Triple Threads Robinson Cano Triple Relic Auto 76/99

- 2008 Topps Finest Robinson Cano Topps Team Favorites

Thanks to my brother, who also got me a sweet 2008 UD Sweet Spot hobby box.

Now it's your turn, please feel free to post your pics or Christmas cards for us to see also. E-mail us if you would like your card to appear in a blog about everyone's holiday cards. We will be happy to put one together of the top holiday gifts.

December 25, 2008

A Cardboard Christmas

Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope you all had a great day today and got some sort of baseball cards to make the season bright. I am lucky that my family doesn't bother trying to think of other things to buy me and will just buy cards for me. I took a picture of most of my heist, minus some other cards I will reveal later since they were singles and not boxes or packs.

I had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family, and I got to see Sooz and we exchanged presents as well which was very fun indeed. Everyone is gone, and I am trying to deflate (which isn't going well), and play with cards. I got a bunch of cool presents, but the only thing I will mention other than cards is a new Yankees jacket which I have wanted for a few seasons now.

What I broke this morning after opening presents were the 2 packs of UD SPx that were in my stocking. $14 per pack from DAC, and definitely not worth it. Here is what I got:

Pack 1:

- Travis Hafner

- Josh Beckett Winning Materials 30/99

- Curtis Granderson

Pack 2:

- Mark Teixiera

- Adrian Beltre Winning Materials 103/150

- Ken Griffey Jr. KG77 433/725

I think the price and the cards I got tell you how crappy that was.

Sooz and I broke a box of UD Timeline after dessert, but I will post that break tomorrow. I have a few other tricks to show off as well.

Happy Holidays

I haven't made my baseball card Christmas stop yet. My family apparently doesn't know that I love baseball cards and never gets me them.

However, I know there are great gifts out there that everyone got this year.

Let us know what special present you have gotten. It doesn't have to be baseball cards or anything sports related.

One thing I got this year was a chance to spend time with my family. I know this sounds awfully Hallmark, but while I normally go crazy spending time with my family, this year I got a wake up call, unfortunately at the expense of someone else.

I came up to visit my parents and while hanging out we realized there was a fire nearby. My father and I went to check it out saw a family was losing their house on Christmas Eve.

Most of the time I wish I was rich to buy the coolest cards.

Today, I wish I was rich to help this family out.

So my coolest gift was seeing my neices and nephew having fun yesterday and, for once, my mom not going crazy. Everyone had a great time yesterday.

Later it's on to my second present - hanging out with my best friend, who I don't get to see as often as I would like.


Oh, I also got an iced tea maker from my boyfriend and enough tea to last me a year. I really wanted it.

2007 UD Elements Break

I decided to have some fun and break the free packs of 07 UD Elements from Dave & Adam's tonight since everyone passed out already, and if I opened stuff it means I won't continue to keep eating cookies. I have a real addiction to cookies, it's my kryptonite.

Pack One (The Cal Ripken Pack):

- Albert Pujols !!! (First card I see, yet I already had it =/)
- Troy Tulowitzki Rookie Elements 488/550 (sweet!)
- David Wright

Pack Two (The Derek Jeter Pack):

- Lance Berkman
- Rafael Furcal
- Mark Teahen

Pack Three (The Ken Griffey, Jr. Pack):

- Johan Santana

- Lance Berkman Rare Elements Authentic Dual Patches 26/35 (black & 4 color)

More than happy with my free packs, hopefully the stuff I am getting for Christmas has some cool things to post.

I really had fun with these 3 packs, and I think they are pretty cool. They are even cooler than normal because they were free!

December 24, 2008

Trade Complete with Cards in the Attic

A few weeks ago I recieved an e-mail from Cards in the Attic about an Albert Pujols card that he had that might interest me. White Sox Cards left him a comment saying that I was a big Pujols collector (Thanks Steve), and that's how this all got started.

Turns out 'albuqwirke', who comments on the blog, had the 2008 Topps Stadium Club 1st day Issue Pujols, as well as the Photographers Proof /99. Yahoo!! I sent him 10 2008 Mini Allen & Ginter cards for those 2 and we called it a day. I got my cards yesterday when finally getting all my mail.

Thanks again to Aardvark Trading Company for a great trade.

Christmas Came Early from The Pettitte Pursuit

Yesterday I finally made it out to my P.O. Box after about a week hiatus. It was more than well worth the wait of what was in there. They handed me the yellow card, only this is the best at the post office because it's not a penalty, but a package too big to fit inside the mailbox.

The package was from Eric over at The Pettitte Pursuit and was sent to me for no reason other than a simple 'Happy Holidays' surprise. Holy smokes was this ginormous! I ripped the package open as soon as I walked into the house to find, not only tons of cards, but a Trivia Game given away at Yankee Stadium over the summer. Eric had two of them and thought I might enjoy one, which was very kind of him.

Now the cards... Oh boy! There were 35(!) Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, which is superb and extremely generous of him.

Now as if that wasn't enough to have made my day all on it's own, there was a 2008 Albert Pujols Sweet Spot base card, which I know I will never pull since I just don't get his cards on my own.

There were a ton of other cards in the package:

- 2008 Topps Finest Joba Chamberlain

- 2008 Topps Finest Topps Team Favorites Melky Cabrera & Robinson Cano

- 2008 SP Authentic Joba Chamberlain

- 2008 Topps Co-Signers Joba Chamberlain

- 2008 Bowman Chrome Robinson Cano

Believe me when I tell you there were more cards, some Hughes, Chamberlain, and Cano cards, but it's Christmas Eve and I want to go hang out with my family. I could spend the day scanning and writing cards.

A tremendous thanks to Eric of The Pettitte Pursuit for his generosity and thoughts at the holidays. I hope everyone is enjoying their day, whatever you are doing.

P.S. More of my mail day will be posted later.

Sportlots dispute

I am trying to fulfill my Jeter checklist of wants. I went onto to find some of these for cheap and I found Jeter Retrospectrum for .60 cents each from one seller. I ordered about 20.

During the initial purchase, there was a glitch with the sportlots system and my order didn't go through properly and somehow extra cards were put into my cart when the problem was supposedly fixed.

I took the extra cards out, then paid through PayPal.

On Dec. 11, I get an email saying the order was fulfilled by the seller and I should receive the cards in 4 to 12 days.



Still waiting. I am not going to blame the seller for this one. When I went to Sportlots site, I find that the address that was given to the seller was the wrong one. It was my former address that I moved away from over a year ago.

When I went to the profile to see if I was the jackass that didn't update my profile, I see that the address in the profile is correct.

So how is it that the address is right in my profile, but somehow the seller gets the wrong one?

There are times when we, as collectors, hope for different places to shop than eBay and Beckett Marketplace.

I've ordered maybe twice from Sportlots, but this one transaction didn't go right from the start.

I'm curious how this issue is going to be resolved because I don't want to be out $20 because the website doesn't know how to transfer the right address to the seller.

Well, I heard from the customer service at Sportlots last night. Without going throug the entire email, I was pretty much told that without knowing what I did (I did nothing) there is no way to know why my order got screwed up. If I changed my profile after the order was placed, the new address wouldn't be used for the current order.

I didn't change my profile.

The customer service rep showed me a slip where it showed where the last five orders went. Four of the five went to my old address, including this one, and one went to the place where I am living now. So I wrote back and asked the rep, "How can one of my last orders go to the new address and this one go to the old address?"

By logical deducation, if an older order went to my newer address that means I changed my profile in the past and the new order should have reflected my new address.

The rep didn't write me back after that one. Before that he did write this:

Without knowing exactly what order things were done in the system, it's hard for me to tell for sure what happened. But for example, if you changed your address on your profile after you placed the order, then this is what would happen. When you change your address on your profile, the system doesn't go back and change the address for all of your previous orders. It has no way of knowing if you want to change those addresses or if you really wanted the old orders to go to those other addresses.

I am not even sure that was in English, but since I didn't change my profile after I placed my last order, this isn't even an option.

I filed a claim with PayPal since that is how I paid and explained to Paypal that despite my address being correct on the seller's site profile and in PayPal, the cards were still sent to the wrong place.

I don't know what the people at my old address are going to do with 20 Jeter Retrospectrum cards.

Update: As of 2 p.m. this afternoon, PayPal has refunded my money. That was quick.

Christmas Gifts

I know I promised you all a pack break blog, but it's 2:45am and I just finished wrapping my few presents after a day filled with errand running and cookie baking (not from scratch, I'm not that motivated). I was planning on breaking some 07 UD Elements, but we needed to get food and all kinds of junk for tomorrow and Christmas day.

I have discovered that when you have little to no money, wrapping presents is a breeze because there aren't many. Oddly enough, the 2 people who got the most presents from me, are also the only two people I purchased cards for. Neither are my parents, which makes me seem a little goofy perhaps. I tend to get carried away with some people because you are out shopping and you see something, and if it's only a few dollars, you are like, "ohhh, a present topper", but then when you buy like 5 of those you look like me- someone who went overboard. I'm not sure if it counts when I also purchased the same things for myself?

My mom was wrapping the last of her presents today and said to me that Christmas has gotten way out of control for most people. It seems like every year people get more and more, and get more carried away trying to "out-do" the year before. When my parents were younger they got like one or two presents and that was it. They didn't get to buy things everyday like we do now. So it seems as though a lot of people from her generation tend to spoil their kids and or grandkids (which she does not have thank God).

In light of carried away, and what not, I purchased a random rack pack from Target of 08 Heritage High Series, and in the pack I pulled TWO Brian Burres cards. Thanks Topps. I also got a Chrome Mike Napoli, and then the rest was air. I'll scan it later, I'm too tired.

Tomorrow after all the eating, and when my pants finally pop open, I will park myself back here and break some packs after I tell you all about the many surprises I got in the mail. Sooz is coming over on Christmas so perhaps we will have some sort of card related story for all of you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!

December 23, 2008

Jeter Mail Day!

Just two days until Christmas, but I bought just a little something for myself to celebrate the fact that I finished my Christmas shopping about a month ago and I didn't have to deal with all the holiday traffic and bologna.

It's numbered 74/75. I really like these triple relics kind of cards. They look a little better than than just an itty, bitty piece of jersey.

Although, I do have a serious question about Jeter jersey cards. Most of his jersey cards are of the gray road jerseys. Why don't the card companies ever get good home jerseys? This isn't just for Jeter, but for all players.

Who wants plain old gray when you can get white with some kind of pinstripe. Even black is better than gray.

Anyway, since the boyfriend is not getting me cards from Christmas (the $2.99 Stadium Club blaster that is in my stocking doesn't count), I may just put this card in a little baggy under my tree and tell him Santa brought it to me for being such a good girl this year.

Merry Christmas Yankee Fans

You'll find a wrapped $180 million present under your tree in the name of Mark Teixeira. ESPN is reporting that the Yankees and the first baseman have agreed to a eight-year deal.

I can only think of one word to describe this.

I know. I know. Some of you were thinking: greedy, selfish, stupid.

The Yankees have forked over some serious dough over the last few weeks to CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and now Teixeira.

Anything less than a World Series at this point would be a disappointment. A team can't put forth this type of money and on these type of players and not win.

I am a Yankees fan and am very excited over the signing. Who wouldn't be? (Besides Red Sox fans). Last year, left a sour taste in my mouth and it was hard to root for this team when they just seemed to be aging before my very eyes.

Granted, in five or six years I will probably feel the same way again as New York has locked these guys up for some time.

This give Yankees the four-highest paid players in the game right now with Teixeira, ARod, Derek Jeter and Sabathia.