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December 29, 2008

Jose... Jose... Jose... Canseco

I was looking through some random old boxes of cards trying to put together some team lots for the collectors that I have traded with in the past in the event any of them are needed and stumbled across some vintage fun. I like odd cards, but what I like better are the cards or promos that most people never thought to keep, much less toss into a penny sleeve for safe keeping.

Here is my classic find:
1985 Burger King - Jose Canseco card

While the back of the card didn't translate well in the scan, you get the idea. I have a whole mess of random old sets from Burger King, Wonder Bread, Mc Donalds, etc. I wish they would do stuff like this now, it adds a little spice to your collection and it's something that you don't have to buy a hobby box to complete. You just have to cough up a little cash to get it, or eat your weight in french fries.

If my memory serves me correctly, I believe 2001 was the last time one of these sets was around (at least in the NY area). I have a McDonald's team set of the Yankees from then, and it's one of my favorites despite putting players separately with their respective cards. One day when I am motivated I will scan some of those.

Since this was in the box as well, I figured I would feature another one of his cards that stood the test of time nicely. I have a soft spot for the 89 Bowman, they were slightly oversized, had nice pictures which were mostly headshots that they have shied away from over the years for action shots, and they would be great for signatures if I ever get motivated for TTM stuff.

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  1. I love the old Burger King issues. Back then, they looked like the Topps issue of that year, but some of the poses were different or they were listed on a different team. We thought that was so COOL.

    I still have a '79 Burger King Tommy John, which I love. He's listed as being on the Yankees with him in a Yankee uniform. But the regular '79 Topps issue has him with the Dodgers. Something like that isn't a big deal now -- it happens all the time with update sets. But back then, it was awesome.