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December 30, 2008

Bubble Mailer Day!

I have been a little lazy in writing this blog, but here it is at long last. Not too long ago Dave, from Fielder's Choice, ran a group box break of 2007 Sweet Spot. Each person/blog was assigned to, or picked a team and whatever corresponding cards he pulled were sent to the winners. Lucky for me we ended up with the Cardinals. Dave pulled an Albert Pujols serial numbered 332/850 and a Chris Carpenter serial numbered 676/850. Sweet for me since I did not have that Pujols yet.

Thanks to Fielder's Choice for including us in his group break, and for keeping us in mind for trades.

While I am here bragging about the fun of the mail and Fielder's Choice, here is another part of my mail day. I traded an Evan Longoria 1st Day Issue card from 2008 Stadium Club to Dave in exchange for 3 YSL Don Mattingly cards. Here are the cards I got:

Yahoo!! Inching closer by the day with my YSL Collection.

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  1. I'm glad you got the cards! I am way behind in my trade posts, but I'll be posting about the Longoria card (and the one that I bought from you on eBay) soon!