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April 30, 2009

My first bargain rack pack

Well so far I have opened one of them, and since I wasn't expecting anything but the Yankee Stadium Legacy card, I was not disappointed. Aside from the 2 Infield Power inserts or A-Rod and Howard, I got a Joe DiMaggio YSL card that I needed so that was cool. It would have been crummy if the one YSL card ended up a double.

I did learn something today. I like cards with borders better than just photographs with names. Borders and card design are what sets each set apart from the others. I know that this is it's own unique design, but it just doesn't do anything for me and didn't really require much in the design thought process. I'm sure no one cares since these are last years cards, but I figured I would throw my 2 cents out there none the less.

Once I get through the other two rack pack openings, if anyone is still missing some cards from this series let me know because there are going to be very few if any that I will end up keeping and I would be happy to help someone complete a set or player collector missing one.

I still have a mailday or two to share, one from my friends Patricia and Lucy at Dinged Corners, and the other from I Heart Halos. Both were stupendous packages that if I don't get around to scanning each card, know that they were all appreciated and well taken care of here.

Today was Target Day

I figured since I did ok at K-Mart yesterday I would try my luck over at Target today. I am not going to tell you that I didn't even open yesterdays stuff yet. I was going to the mall to have lunch with a friend and I was like, "oh, why don't we park up by Target?" She knew why and she complied with my request. We had lunch then stopped back on the way out.

They only had 2009 Heritage and First Edition blasters. There were packs of 09 F.E., and that was it other than the Attax cards. I saw a few random Timeline packs, and I opted to get one of those since I haven't had bad luck with opening them.

I ended up with a Russell Martin card I don't think I have, and pulled a jersey card as well. As soon as I opened the pack and saw that it was Andy Pettitte, I looked at my friend and said, "Suzy just got a sweet card." It's nice to get a card with a stripe on it, or dirt which is what I like seeing. I feel like when a jersey comes with dirt, you know the player or some player actually wore it. Unless the companies rip things off shelves and throw them on the floor. The other 2 cards in the pack were Manny and Corey Hart.

I'm going to open some stuff later, after I log in a pile that is on my desk collecting dust.

April 29, 2009

K-Mart blowout sale

Today I went to the local K-Mart to kill some time before heading to the gym and much to my surprise and delight they were trying to give away 2008 baseball cards. I don't really need any cards from 2008 that they were selling, but the blasters were either $9.99 or $10.99 down from $19.99. Oddly, the only 2008 blaster that was not half price was the Stadium Club but I opened enough of those at $2.99 that I won't complain.

Masterpieces, UD X, UD Series 2 and USA were $9.99 and Goudey was $10.99. I only saw one 2009 blaster and it was Spectrum, so that was an easy choice not to buy. The 2008 Upper Deck Series 1&2 Combo, as well as the 2008 UD Rookie Edition rack packs were both $1.99. They also had blister packs of 2008 Artifacts and Spectrum for $1.49 each (zzzz). I walked around the store holding the rack packs, and a Masterpieces blaster as well as a Goudey trying to decide which one to buy.

You all know I didn't need a single thing in the store. Not one. However, you also know I had to get something because it wouldn't be a 'Cardboard Problem' if I didn't have a problem. I picked 3 rack packs, and if you look at the pictures you will understand why I picked those 3 specific ones. (Jeter, A-Rod, and Pujols were each in different ones). I couldn't remember if I had the Pujols card or not so I figured better safe than sorry. Since I couldn't decide on a blaster it went to a vote. I asked my mom and my grandmother, each who know nothing but that they were cards, and they both picked the Goudey. I was half hoping they picked that blaster because there are more cards in the packs than Masterpieces.

So that is my heist for the day. A blaster and 3 rack packs all for less than the price of one regularly priced blaster. Now the problem is which one do I open first? I want to save the blaster for last I think.

Is it a problem when...

you are folding your clean laundry and notice that you had washed the following items:

(All Yankees team shirts)
- #51 Williams
- #25 Teixeira
- #62 Chamberlain
- #2 Jeter
- #46 Pettitte

- Card Bandits t-shirt
- Gym shorts

I also forgot Ryan Braun who is in the hamper, I'm wearing an Albert Pujols t-shirt, and that's not even all of 'em.

Maybe I like baseball too much... or maybe I just collect t-shirts...

April 28, 2009

My first trip to Fenway

Sunday was my first time going to Fenway Park, and I must admit I really liked the park despite it being home to the enemy. I think part of the reason that I liked it was because it gives you a nostalgic feeling when you see it, not to mention it was one of the parks I see on tv and have always wanted to visit. When we were driving into Boston, I spotted the Citgo sign that I see on tv all the time and instantly knew we were close. Once you get close enough to see it, or any stadium for that matter you kind of get excited (at least I do).

The surrounding area of the park is great for baseball. There are bars, shops, and best of all no traffic to dodge while being around it. Once you are inside there is another small little village of stuff, including a tremendous fan store, concessions, and best of all freshly made kettle corn. Sooz and I are big fans of kettle corn, and I have mentioned this before but if you have never tried it you need to. You don't know what you are missing.

Walking into the park itself was interesting, as the floor was on a downward slope and it was like walking into a cave. Reminded me somewhat of the old Stadium because when you walked into the bleachers area it was kind of cave-like and secluded (which I always liked). The park looks ancient, but has that old time baseball charm to it. There is an outdoor area with picnic tables and concessions, some high top tables to stand at and eat, and more glorious kettle corn.

I would have taken my camera along, but to walk around in there in my Andy Pettitte t-shirt and take a million pictures would not have been a good first experience there. I had no interest in drawing even more attention to myself while just trying to enjoy a park and a game.

As we walked up the tunnel to see the field for the first time, again I was sadly excited, and not disappointed. It was awesome in person. When you walk in you are only like 30 or so rows from the field which is something I am not used to from Yankee Stadium. It was green, it was old, and it was awesome (despite the Red Sox occupying it). I really enjoyed walking around the park and watching the game there, we even met a couple of nice Boston fans (shocking), and were high-fived by several passing Yankees fans throughout the game.

The game itself was a huge emabarrasing failure, and wouldn't have been as terrible if Ellsbury didn't steal home. I mean really, we didn't think it could get worse unless we were no hit but I think that was pretty bad.

The one thing that I didn't expect was for this trip to make me even more grumpy about the new Yankee Stadium, but it sure did. I've been to several other parks, most of them were newer places but this made me really miss the old Stadium. I also think that Fenway could have been knocked down long before Yankee Stadium because this place is in way worse shape than Yankee Stadium was. However, none of that matters now.

I would definitely go back to Fenway to see another game, and I think it is definitely a park that everyone should try and see it some point.

Collecting cards never got so difficult

Marie had posted about BC Sports filing for bankruptcy not too long ago. She had the inside scoop because she found out she was let go from her job. It, obviously, sucked losing her job, but it still effects us even weeks later.

As we drove to Boston, we wondered out loud how we were going to find baseball cards. There's eBay and Target (the usual suspects), but BC Sports was the only real solution for a hobby shop for the both of us.

We get retail packs from Target and Wal-Mart, but who doesn't like getting hobby packs where the odds of getting a "hit" are greater. The other advantage to hobby packs is that often there are more cards in the pack than the retail packs.

We spent $3 on one retail pack of Piece of History. There were just five cards in each pack. I really feel cheated when I buy a $3 pack of cards and there is less than eight cards in the pack. Eight is the absolute minimum that I want to go.

The packs with four cards (Bowman Chrome) are terrible. But for a small price bump (usually just a $1 or $2), you can get a hobby pack that has more cards, sometimes even double the amount you would buy in a retail pack.

The closing of BC Sports leaves the both of us with just one hobby shop each. Strangely, both of those hobby shops -- remember, we live in different states -- are insanely overpriced. Even more so than BC. We're talking $7 for a pack of Upper Deck or $4.29 for a pack of Topps. I don't even walk into that store anymore because I feel like I am shopping for baseball cards at a stadium where cards are always overpriced (except for Fenway).

It's without a doubt disappointing and makes it harder to find baseball cards.

April 27, 2009

As if one wasn't enough

I get two Taj Mahal cards, one red (which is pink) and a regular one. Hooray. On the way to Fenway Park yesterday Sooz and I spotted a Wal-Mart from the highway, and veered off the ramp to find it. Did we really need to go there? No, not at all. Did we get anything worth the detour? Again, no.

I loved this set last year because the hobby boxes were so much fun for me. I got many triple game used cards, a quad game used card and just alot of inserts. Granted, I have not opened a hobby box of this years so I can't really make a fair assesment but to me the cards seem like a boring do-over. We bought two blister packs each, so 4 packs in total. I was not thrilled with what I got in my packs, then again without anyone I collect it probably wouldn't be thrilling. Between us there was no Albert and no Jeter, and well no surprise there.

Thank goodness I ended up with a Chien-Ming Wang card. With his ERA I am sure I can trade that for a mosquito or a gnat later in the week.

The trip to Fenway was interesting, I enjoyed the park very much and that will be in a post later on.

I went to Boston and all I got was a lousy baseball card

That's definitely the way it felt after last night's loss. Before heading up to Fenway Park, I thought the only thing that could be worse than the last two nights was the Yankees getting no hit. I was wrong. The Yankees were absolutely humiliated last night.

However, I came away a winner and in the end that's all that matters.

As Marie and I stepped into the Boston team store across Yawkey Way from Fenway, we found some baseball cards. For the most part, everything was insanely overpriced. $35 for $20 blasters, $25 for $10 cereal boxes of Topps.

But, they also had some loose cards that were priced, strangely, for a decent price.

Then, I saw this little winner:

It's a 2009 Topps Heritage Chrome Refractor (73/560). For the low, low price of $1.

Yes, $1.
Red Sox hate the Yankees so much that they are practically giving away these cards. Nice!

Message to the New York Yankees

Dear Yankees,

May 4. Jacoby Ellsbury on his ass.
That's all I have to say.


April 26, 2009

Fantasy Baseball - Week 3 Standings

Standings up to and including Saturday 4/25

Grand Cards 1018
Cards on Cards 950
The Franchise 941
Carolina Xfractors 915
Legion of Boom 865
Victorious Secret 824
gcrl 814
The Dude 808
Boneyard Braves 780
Gabe's Babe 754
Purple Donkey 702

Standings up to and including Saturday 4/18

Grand Cards 765
Legion of Boom 704
Cards on Cards 612
Carolina Xfractors 595
The Franchise 583
gcrl 580
Boneyard Braves 552
Victorious Secret 534
The Dude 525
Gabe's Babe 469
Purple Donkey 458

Week 1 Standings

Legion of Boom 265
Grand Cards 259
Cards on Cards 228
The Dude 211
Carolina Xfractors 198
Gabe's Babe 191
Boneyard Braves 189
gcrl 179
Purple Donkey 170
The Franchise 170
Victorius Secret 153
Westcoast Pimp 123

April 25, 2009

Is it that hard to turn on the water?

Obviously no is accusing anyone of anything here. Absolutely nothing.

But after using a public bathroom is it too difficult to wash your hands afterward. Really, it's a little gross when it doesn't happen and even worse when people notice. Seriously, I am trying not to think about men who don't wash their hands after shaking their, well, you know.

This is from my favorite Yankees blog by Journal News beat writer Pete Abraham. It's easily the best blog of any beat, not just the Yankees. Pete does a great job of not only reporting on the game, but bringing fans behind the scenes to get a glimpse of what it's like to be a beat writer.

This is what we learned today:

UPDATE, 3:50 p.m.: If you remember nothing else from
this blog remember this: Never shake hands with Tim McCarver if you see him
coming out of a bathroom. That’s all I’m going to say. Just don’t.

Again, we're not accusing anyone of anything. But, WTF? He's touching things in the broadcast booth. He's touching the mic that the techies have to get afterward. He's eating in the media room, shaking hands with (not so much) respectable people around Boston. All after, touching himself. (Gosh, that just sounds wrong)

Tim, this is what a sink looks like.

But use it while using one of these. Really, it's not that difficult. I promise.

Blazing Blue Jays still in first

So far this season the Jays have been a force to be reckoned with leading the AL East going into today by 2 games over both the Red Sox and Yankees. Adam Lind has fallen into the DH role, and part of the reason they have been scoring so many runs. Lind is batting .333 with 3 HR's and 15 RBI's. If someone said a year ago that he would be putting up these numbers within a year, I probably would have laughed. Despite him being pegged as a power hitter, his first call up was a meager display of power. Towards the end of last season he showed more of a spark, so maybe this is the player that the Blue Jays knew he could be and would be eventually.

Now you know I am not going to write a blog about the Blue Jays or Adam Lind without anything to show for it. They aren't some of the better cards of his out there, but these were the most budget friendly right now and I didn't have them.

2008 Topps Moments & Milestones
2007 Topps Co-Signers (fuzz on scanner not included)
2007 Upper Deck Spectrum
2008 Upper Deck

If anyone has any Lind cards to trade, please let me know. I am missing some 2004 cards that I would like to get my mitts on.

Have you ever ...

This isn't like the drinking game. Unless you want to. It's too hot (on April 25!!!!) to do anything else right now.

Have you ever searched eBay, saw a card and said, "I have to have this card."

That's me right now. I was looking at cards after coming back from a hike and saw this card. I am not giving it away yet, because I am not going to fight with anyone out there for it. But it's pretty and it called out to me when I saw it.

I have several versions of it in my watch list and I will get one of them.

Stay tuned to see who wins. Me or them (I'M COMING AFTER YOU!)!


Contest Winner Announcement

The winner of my random, 'What do I collect other than baseball cards?' contest is Dan.

The answer I was looking for was Camaro's. I collect all types in the 1:64 scale size- Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, Green Light, Dubs, Kustoms, Maistro, etc. etc. My favorites are probably the Johnny Lightnings, however they are really hard to find. Matchbox very rarely has Camaro's anymore which is sad because them and Hot Wheels are the cheapest.

Thanks everyone for taking a guess, and I will show you a little bit of my collection later on when my camera is charged up.

Dan, please e-mail me about your prize choice.

April 24, 2009

Contest: What do I collect other than baseball cards?

Let me first start by saying that over the years there were a great number of things in addition to baseball cards that I thought would be fun to collect. You will either be surprised by some of these things, or not even bat an eye. I collected everything from TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), G.I. Joes, Starting Line-ups, comics, pogs (I hope someone else knows what they are), Simpsons figures, WWF magazines, etc. Obviously all of these things were over the course of my childhood when every kid goes through phases of things they like.

As an adult, I have mainly stuck to baseball cards and one other area. I sampled trying to go back to comic books, and stopping by the local shop every week or two and buying only first issues of whatever had come out, bagging it and putting it away. That got boring in a month or two and I was done with that again.

The one other thing I still collect I have been buying for about 6 or 7 years now, and I have a decent sized collection of about 300 or so. To make things interesting I am going to leave this up to you guys to guess what it is. Here is your incentive to guess: The winner will get a double from my collection OR their choice of a card of their team or player. I have plenty of doubles from both my card collection as well as my other collection.

The one hint I am giving is that this collection is very specific, like a player collection as opposed to a team collection except of something else.

It's a beautiful weekend

This weekend in the northeast we are expecting record high temperatures, and so far it has been a gorgeous day here. I have spent most of it outside cleaning my car, and enjoying the sun (what little of it my skin can actually tolerate). I didn't make it to the post office today, but I am not expecting any packages so it's okay. I posted some random pics from my day on twitter to entertain myself as I was doing chores.

I did get some mail yesterday that I am going to post later while watching baseball. Waxaholic a.k.a. Captain Canuck post a blog not too long ago wonder if anyone collected anything other than cards so I may have a little fun with everyone with that later as well.

I wish I could slide my tv out onto my deck and watch a game while enjoying the nice weather, but with my luck along will come a bird and 'rain' on my parade.

Sooz and I are heading to Boston on Sunday for the Yankees/Red Sox game Sunday night, so we will be tweeting from there with pics and posts for your entertainment. Perhaps this trip we will actually take a picture together for once.

April 23, 2009

How do you judge success?

First I'll start out by showing you a picture:

That's the visiting dugout at Citizens Bank Park about an hour and 15 minutes before first pitch. Right behind the dugout there are two children standings there with a bat, ball and a pen. If you squint you might be able to see them.

As I sit here and watch the Milwaukee Brewers batting practice (Phillies didn't take BP today), it got me thinking about these two kids who have flagged down every Brewers players for an autograph. Not one has obliged.

I'm not even sure any of them have looked their way, but it's hard to tell from this distance.

I've never gone to a game early for batting practice and tried to get autographs. I have no patience for pre-game festivities. As a fan, I show about five minutes before first pitch, if I get in before the game starts. It's terrible, but I hate waiting for a game to start.

For work, I have no choice but to get here early or else my work doesn't get done. But, my mind tends to wander and now I am thinking about 'Jimmy' and 'Bobby.' (that's what I've named the two boys behind the dugout).

For those that go early, how successful have you been at procuring autographs? There is one Philadelphia player signing right now. I believe it's Ryan Madson. He started in the outfield and is now working his way down the line, signing for every one out there.

Also, do you need a ticket for those seats to get an auto? If you are in the upper deck, are you allowed to go down during the pre-game to get autos?

Is the trip only successful if you get Prince Fielder's auto. Or do you care that you got backup catcher's Mike Rivera's autograph? Do you even ask for Rivera's autograph?

I've never done this. I am genuinely curious.

Jimmy and Bobby should have gone to the Phillies side of the field. There's no luck on Milwaukee's side.

Tweet tweet...

I decided to make myself a twitter account, aside from trying to update the Card Bandits one. You can follow that one by clicking on the link to the left.

You can follow me by clicking here. If you have any user name suggestions for me, I am open to hear them. If anyone comes up with something funny that I end up using, I will send you something sweet for helping me "tweet".

Also, if you aren't following Sooz already, get on that. She has posted some pics from games that are cool.

Follow us, we think we're funny.

April 22, 2009

Forbes reports 10 teams decline in value

Article from Yahoo! Sports


NEW YORK (AP)—One-third of Major League Baseball teams declined in value over the past year while the New York Yankees’ worth increased 15 percent to $1.5 billion, according to the annual estimates by Forbes magazine.

The Washington Nationals took the biggest hit during the recession, down 12 percent to $406 million. The Atlanta Braves dropped 10 percent and the Detroit Tigers and Seattle Mariners each were off 9 percent, the magazine said Wednesday.

The decline by 10 teams was the most since 2004, Forbes said.

Bolstered by their new $1.5 billion stadium, the Yankees showed the top increase and remained the most valuable franchise in the majors. The New York Mets, also boosted by a new ballpark, were second in value ($912 million) and increase (11 percent).

Boston ($833 million), the Los Angeles Dodgers ($722 million) and the Chicago Cubs ($700 million) followed at the top.

The Florida Marlins’ worth increased 8 percent, but the team ranked last in value at $277 million. Pittsburgh ($288 million) and Kansas City ($314 million) were among the bottom three.

Overall, Forbes said the average value of the 30 MLB franchises increased 1 percent to an all-time high of $482 million.

Surfin' eBay

I often search eBay for "Albert Pujols" just to see what there is that I usually can't afford, hence the Adam Lind collection. Last night while virtually rummaging the sale racks I saw this card, and wondered what the heck Topps does in the secret lair. Now, after you see that card you may recall the card I got out of our Jumbo case that I had to pounce on Sooz and grab from her. Here is my card...

The reason this struck me was because as a "1/1" card, you would think that it would be unique, and not just a mirror background in another color. That is the only real difference, the background was flipped and the color. Otherwise this is just an average print card labeled "1/1" for yo-yo's like me who desperately want to own such cards to put another benchmark into their collection.

Maybe I am being dramatic, or maybe I just expect too much from an industry that is already starving for better designs and ideas. Either way, I'm not giving my card up.

Are we -- the collectors -- part of the problem?

If you live under a rock, you probably didn’t know today was Earth Day, otherwise known as ‘Celebrate Al Gore’s Best Accomplishment Day.’

However, looking around at my little world (not the Earth) I can’t help but wonder if baseball card collectors are helping with the global crisis. As baseball card collectors, we hoard cardboard. Whether it’s the actual baseball card or the container we keep them in. All of it is made of paper, which in turn is made from our pretty little trees that give us oxygen.

Is this making it too simplistic? I don’t know.

But if we thought in simpler terms, perhaps we would have some of the problems we today.
I’m not perfect. I love baseball cards and enjoy unwrapping a bubble mailer to see my newest addition. My Derek Jeter card collection is well over 1,000 cards.

So in spirit of Earth Day and trying to do the little I can in this world, I want to recycle my cardboard. The cards aren’t going into the shredder and being made into toilet paper. I just want to give away some of my cards that I have sitting around here that I probably won’t look at again.

Tell me whom you collect and I’ll send out a couple of bubble mailers (used ones, of course). I’ll do it for the first ten people that respond to this post.

I love our Earth and the fact that we can enjoy baseball cards.

I saw this video on Wil Wheaton's blog. Yes, that Wil Wheaton.


This isn't me, right? RIGHT?

Being a Kevin Kouzmanoff fan, I like to read updates on him. It's a little more difficult to learn things about him because he is on the West Coast. So, information doesn't filter into New Jersey too often about him.

Here's a previous post explaining why I collect his cards. is blog devoted to the San Diego Padres and they do a great job. So, occasionally I will check out if there is anything new on Kouzmanoff.

There are mp3 of interviews or photos of him out on the town. I like the interviews better because you can get a sense of his personality.

Then, I read this:

I was just thinking that some Padres players seem to attract fans that might be a little more passionate than the average fan or as I call them "psycho". These fans usually can fairly critique other players, but they lose all sense of reason when it comes to their man. In the past the Padres biggest psycho magnets were Khalil Greene and Trevor Hoffman. Hoffman was a little different because every one loved him but the psychos couldn't accept his decline. This year I see all the psycho fans gravitating towards Kevin Kouzmanoff. How many stalkers does that guy have?

Oh dear. There not talking about me, right? I mean, I only collect his cards and had one whole conversation with the guy. It's not like I know his shoe size or anything. Or where he likes to go to dinner.

I just have a 153 of his cards.
1. 5. 3.

That's not stalkerish, right?

And so what if I included a photo of Kouz and his dad. IT SHOULDN'T BE ON THE INTERNET FOR ANYONE TO FIND!


April 21, 2009

Straight from Scotland

and into my mailbox are some cards from Graham, one of our readers. This was an awesome package to open, and had cards that I do not have as well as one for Sooz.

Here are the goods:

2001 Upper Deck Albert Pujols (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

2002 UD Albert Pujols AS Game
2007 UD Series 2 Albert Pujols
2002 SP Game Bat Milestone Material Albert Pujols (looks like the tried to carve the Dominican flag into the bat, or pressed in it)
2002 SPx Winning Materials Triple GU Delgado, Ordonez, and Pujols

And finally, for Sooz......

Thank you so much, Graham. We would love to send you something in return, so please let us know if you are looking for any cards at the moment, or e-mail us in the future- we owe you one (or 6).

The adventure continues

Last night, I got a text from a bleacher creature friends letting me know that tickets were available for the Yankees/Red Sox series next week.

I haven't been to Fenway since 2006 (I think) and Marie has never been there. I thought it would be a great way to continue our baseballing adventures for the summer.

I've been to Fenway a number of times. I've slept on the sidewalk waiting for tickets when they used to sell standing-room only the day of the game. Now, the Red Sox make it easier by offering these tickets on their site.

But the days of playing wiffeball against Boston fans at 3 a.m. won't be forgotten. Neither will be the time I got kicked out of Fenway. Or the time I punched a Red Sox fan in his face.

Both were seperate occasions.

God, I love Boston.


April 20, 2009

Losing my mind and my mail

It has been warm around here the past few days, so warm in fact I spent most of Saturday outside cleaning my car. I didn't even need a jacket until today, and that's when I found it--- my lonely bubble mailer. It was in my coat pocket for about 2 or 3 days just waiting for me to rip into it.

Here is what I got:

-2007 UD Premier 'Premier Rookies' Adam Lind 91/99 ($1)

-2008 Bowman Chrome blue refractor Robinson Cano 121/150 ($1)

The seller also included a free 2008 Bowman Chrome Cano for free. While I love free stuff, and always appreciate a seller doing something like that I had the card already.

While this is totally off the topic, I am watching the Pirates/Marlins game and everytime they show the city beyond centerfield it always looks like one of those fake Hollywood backdrops to me. I don't know why, I think it's just positioned perfectly in the construction of the outfield area of the stadium. I'm probably the only one who sees it like that, but I figured I'd throw that out there. Maybe one of the 9 people at that game feel the same...

Sooz's View: New York City ballparks

There is only way to describe the new Yankee Stadium: the Cathedral of Baseball.

For the Yankees, the stadium is perfect. It's unlike any baseball - probably most professional - stadiums out there. We've shown you pictures of it and it's obviously gorgeous. But is it too much?

I've seen Yankee Stadium described two ways since it has opened: a mall and a museum. So picture it as a place selling antiquities. However, in a way that's exactly what it is. The Yankees aren't selling a baseball game. They're selling their rich history. Fans aren't going there to see New York baseball, but get the opportunity to cheer for the most storied franchise in professional sports.

Sadly, that's what makes the Yankees who they are. They're a great team but the organization almost makes it feel you need them, not the other way around.

While it's only been three games at the new ballpark, much has been said about how quiet it is. I'm a little surprised because I figured the fans' asses would be hurting too much to sit after what it took to get a ticket.

On the TBS broadcast, the announcers said you couldn't build a typical ballpark for this team. Why not? It would have been cheaper and friendlier.

That's what Citi Field is (although anything is cheaper than $1.5 billion).

That stadium is night and day compared to Shea. I've heard fans have complained about the sight lines at the stadium and that is unfortunate, but it was a stadium I would go back and enjoy more games. However, I already got in the Padres trip for their one visit this year.

Considering my parent's home is just 15 minutes from Yankee Stadium, it's sad that I would rather go there. But I admit. I wouldn't be going to Citi Field for the baseball. There are other amenities to enjoy.

So this isn't minor league baseball, I've heard some fans say. Why do we need more than a three-hour baseball game?

Because baseball is spent enjoying yourself with the people around you or by yourself. You want to go to a ballpark and feel the team thought of you when building something that was supposed to be for the fan. In reality, I've seen well over 200 games at Yankee Stadium. I've spent a lot of summers there. However, no one asked me (or any other fan) what do they think. It's apparent.

But they did make sure that every player had a computer at their locker.

To see pictures of both stadium. Check out Marie's post on our baseball adventure, when he hit both stadiums in one day.


April 19, 2009

Yankee Stadium is Coors Field East?

That was said on ESPN a little while ago, and it has to make you wonder what is going to happen the rest of the way. The Yankess and Indians combined for 17 homeruns in the first 3 days of the stadium opening which is a new record. There are clearly differences from the old Stadium, specifically the jet stream that everyone is claiming as the problem. There is also the fact that all along the top of the stadium the wall is mostly open, and it was not like that in the old one. There is speculation that once they knock down the old Stadium (and put it out of it's misery), that the jet stream will change.

This stadium could become a nightmare for pitchers and a homerun derby for anyone at the plate. It seems that most balls hit to right field have gone out, and it's not that hard in the first place since that is the short porch. There was also something else that was pointed out on this blog, about how there is no railing preventing fan interference.

ESPN estimated that at this rate about 460 (I believe that was the number) homeruns will be hit at Yankee Stadium, and last year there were only 160. Yikes.

I was supposed to go to the game tomorrow but it looks like bad rain is in the forecast, so it will probably be a rain out. I will be going to the game on Wednesday with a couple of friends so hopefully it doesn't continue to rain like they are telling me on the news.

Standings for Week 2 of Fantasy Baseball

Standings up to and including Saturday 4/18

Grand Cards 765
Legion of Boom 704
Cards on Cards 612
Carolina Xfractors 595
The Franchise 583
gcrl 580
Boneyard Braves 552
Victorious Secret 534
The Dude 525
Gabe's Babe 469
Purple Donkey 458

Week 1 Standings

Legion of Boom 265
Grand Cards 259
Cards on Cards 228
The Dude 211
Carolina Xfractors 198
Gabe's Babe 191
Boneyard Braves 189
gcrl 179
Purple Donkey 170
The Franchise 170
Victorius Secret 153
Westcoast Pimp 123

April 18, 2009

A Cardboard Problem Adventure - Yankee Stadium to Citi Field

Sooz came and picked me up to go to Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, we left here around 10am and headed over to her parents to get the train down to the Bronx. Train was empty at that time which was nice, but I wish I had picked up a cup of coffee.

We get down to the Bronx, grabbed some grub and stopped to say hi to some friends before heading in. Oddly enough, we took no pictures with anyone which is not uncommon between me and Sooz. I enjoyed the Opening Ceremony, and the Yankees Museum which I hadn't seen before either.

We picked up Opening Day Programs once we got inside, and they were limited editions to just yesterday. We were given a free Opening Day pin as well.

John Fogerty sang Centerfield. (Thanks to a reader for pointing out that oversight.)

Bernie Williams played Take Me Out to the Ball Game on the guitar (and got some ovation).

Yankees alumni players
The manager, number 27, Joe Girardi. Number 27.
Leading off, the Captain, number 2 Derek Jeter. Number 2.
Number 20 Jorge Posada. Number 20.

Before we hit the museum we stopped in the Yankees Team Store to look around, and while we we on line waiting for Sooz to pick up a shot glass she saw a sign that said if you buy any two Upper Deck packs you get a commemorative card sheet. So I went and picked up 4 packs of cards, which turned into a nightmare since they weren't in the system. Anyway, we got ripped off just for a big sheet of cardboard that we both needed. They were selling 09 UD First Edition for $3, and 09 UD Series One for $5 (keep in mind Sooz noticed there was no bar code and there were only 8 cards per pack signifying that these were blaster packs).

The Museum

The Jeter Era (stick that in your pipe and smoke it A-Rod)
1936 World Series tickets signed by Joe DiMaggio
Even the Yankees use PSA
Wall of autographs
Stadium seat from the original Stadium

Stadium seat 2009
Bronze statue of Yogi Berra

Thurman Munson's locker from the old Stadium.

So Sooz can tell you all about her experience at Yankee Stadium since my opinion hasn't really changed at all. However, my view of the stadium was put into perspective when we left the Bronx and headed to Queens to check out Citi Field and the Mets.

Mike Francesa, the YES Network and WFAN sports radio host said it best. If you want a cathedral and a collesium you go to Yankee Stadium, and if you want a ball park you go to Citi FIeld. Citi Field was a night and day difference from the feeling you get at Yankee Stadium.

It started off fun from when we were waiting online to buy tickets. We are standing online talking, and we overhear a woman asking people if they want free tickets on the field, and no one said yes for whatever reason. She asked us and we were happy to take them. She was given them for nothing and didn't need them, so we lucked out with what probably were $50 seats. We had planned on buying upper deckers for $23 so that was sweet.

We walk in and we are in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, which was really nice despite him never being a Met. This area was one of the biggest complaints of Mets fans because he wasn't a Met and I think it just added insult to injury becuase we walked the whole stadium and there was nothing about the Mets history, or their players anywhere.

I enjoyed this stadium very much, and I guess it tells me that I am a 'ball park' type of person. It was way more fan friendly than Yankee Stadium, there were plenty of places to sit down and eat, or stand up and eat where you didn't have to pay to get in and sit down. There was also the Shake Shack, which very well made my day. Burgers, fries, shakes, etc. and it was delicious.

I would seriously go all the way to Queens just for the Shake Shack. Everyone should.

World's Fare Market was a small store with drinks, snacks, sushi, sandwiches, etc.

The view from our free field level seats. Sure glad we ended up here and not up in the wind tunnel upper deck.

Mmmm.... Camaro.
Kouz for Sooz
The Yankees bullpen should have been called the "Mo Zone".

The left field wall, and the Mets retired numbers.

More Kouz for Sooz.

I didn't take as many pictures as I could have of Citi Field, mostly because it was freezing and my camera battery was pretty much dead by the end of the night since it wasn't charged. There is a lot more to see there and my pictures don't do this place justice. Very fan friendly atmosphere, and a very different feeling walking in. Maybe it's because I am not a Met's fan and I hated Shea with a passion, or maybe it's just because the park is really that nice. I would recommend everyone see this park if you get the opportunity. I'll leave the rest for Sooz to tell you about.