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November 29, 2010

Panini should give thanks for John Wall

There are two NBA rookies driving the market right now: Blake Griffin and John Wall.

Panini must be loving John Wall right now though. With their exclusive in the NBA market, they needed something to drive collectors to their cards. Other than Wall and Griffin, the rookie class is fairly light this year. But Griffin's rookie cards are not from this year's sets. They are from 2009-2010

That leaves just one guy - the Washington Wizards first overall draft pick.

Wall has had some outstanding games for the Wizards this season and has scored in double digits in every game so far. In 10 games, he’s averaging 18.0 points and 9.1 assists per game.

Wall has had problems with his health this year. He has missed five games this year and recently missed a game with a bruised right knee.

Even so, Wall is selling well and is the driving force behind this year’s Panini products. If it wasn't for Wall, the secondary market for cards this year may have been a bit watered down. There are those who still have high hopes on players such as DeMarcus Cousins and Evan Turner, but their cards aren't going to for as much as Wall's.

Wall’s 2010-11 Limited Gold Spotlight patch/autograph /10 sold for 1,200 on eBay recently.

His 2010-11 Rookie and Stars patch/autos sell for above $500.

We all love a hot rookie who lives to hype.

November 28, 2010

Sunday Question

Do we forgive or forget?

Last season, Michael Vick signed with the Philadelphia Eagles as potentially the third-string quarterback. He had Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb in front of him. Then, the Eagles amazingly shipped McNabb to the Washington Redskins and proclaimed Kolb king for about a week.

Then, Vick took over.

And he was fantastic.

In seven games with the Eagles, Vick has completed 62.8 percent (120-for-191) of his passes, the best completion percentage of his career, has thrown for 1,608 yards and 11 touchdowns, and ran for 375 yards and four touchdowns. Remarkably, he has yet to thrown an interception.

Vick has led Philadelphia to a lead in the NFC East with a 7-3 record. Before the season, no one predicted the Eagles would have such a good record or that Vick would become an even better quarterback than he was when he played for Atlanta.

There was no way to know how a guy would play especially because he was in jail for about 18 months (I didn't look up the number).

When it comes to trading cards, Vick is king there too.

His 2001 SP Authentic Jersey/auto Rookie Card is on fire (ebay link). Right now, this card is selling far and above $1,000. Once upon a time, you could have gottten this card for less than $100.

Vick paid his debt by spending time in jail. He seems reformed by saying all the right things as he has become the center of attention again for this remarkable play on the field.

So the question is, have collectors forgiven or forgotten his past deeds?

November 23, 2010

Update: 2010 Bowman Platinum

Earlier today I recieved an e-mail from Topps with some important information if you are waiting on cases of 2010 Bowman Platinum baseball or considering pre-ordering boxes or cases.



Topps is pleased to announce that the upcoming 2010 Bowman Platinum Baseball will include an additional autograph per hobby box than originally solicited. Each hobby box will now include 4 Autographs (1 Autographed Relic & 3 Autographs). To ensure this bonus autograph, Platinum will have a revised hobby release date of January 7th.

The additional hit, which will be in the form of a redemption card, will be inserted as a box loader and will feature 11 new subjects including Atlanta Braves top prospect, Freddie Freeman.

The following subjects, which will be revealed once collectors have entered the redemption card’s code online, can be found as Refractor Autographs, Green Refractor Autographs, Blue Refractor Autographs, Red Refractor Autographs, Superfractor Autographs and Printing Plate Autographs.

Freddie Freeman

Gorkys Hernandez

Graham Hicks

Lonnie Chisenhall

J.D. Martinez

Jarrod Parker

Josh Lindblom

Chris Archer

Javier Rodriguez

Mauricio Robles

Kyle Wieland

November 21, 2010

Sunday Question

I got an e-mail back from Blowout Cards regarding a case break of 2010-2011 Panini Rookies & Stars basketball. The case is 12 boxes, with 3 out of those 12 being hot boxes (giggle). The price per team would come out to $35 including shipping and shipping materials (I would have to go to the shop and pick up boxes and team bags).

If we can fill it up this week, I can do the break probably next Monday or Wednesday depending on the date it arrives.

I also want to throw another option out. This is a product with mostly rookies and rookie autographs, would a set like Prestige be more fun for everyone? Also, people called teams in the last post which is fine, but if I can fill it going the random drawing route how would you feel? My participation would be in for the Lakers, and that's about it. The other teams I would like are gone already. If we did the random break, I would still want the Lakers (I'm 1/2 serious, well 7/8 serious).

Let me know and I will send out e-mails for pricing or we can scrap it altogether for a baseball break after the 2011 Jumbo. I'm fine with it either way.

'10-'11 Panini Rookies & Stars box break

Earlier this week we received a hobby box of 10-11 Rookies & Stars basketball to rip and review. I broke roughly half the box one night on twitter, and then the rest was a solo because I was too lazy to clean my desk to UStream it. Next box we get I think it would be fun to open it live and see what you guys think as we open it.

In the hobby box you get 24 packs/5 cards per pack, with 4 autograph or memorabilia cards per box and one of those being an autographed patch. Not bad, right? Well, it could be even better- 1:4 boxes per 12 box case is a hot box (giggle).

I did a breakdown of the cards into base, rookies, the different subsets, and the hits. Some of the cards in each scan you will notice are gold, and those are parallels and they are numbered to 499.

So here we go!
Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Danilo Gallinari, Kobe Bryant, Paul Millsap

You have to love how ridiculous LeBron James looks on this card.

I've always loved Phil Jackson, and I put Walt Frazier with him just because I see him and think of the Hair Club for Men or whatever the hell commercial that he is on.



Studio Rookies

Moments in Time

Super Stars

Team Leaders

Sharp Shooters

Kevin Martin game used jersey /299

Lance Stephenson Freshman Orientation /399

Dominique Jones autograph patch /25

Derrick Favors autograph patch /10

I scanned a couple of 09-10 Rookies & Stars just to see the changes from one year to the next.

Overall, I really enjoyed opening this box of cards from the thrill of waiting to see if I got a hot box (giggle) through the last pack. The product retails for roughly $70-$75 dollars per hobby box, and with 4 hits per box I think it is a great value. As far as the design goes, at least for me, it leaves something to be desired. I can deal with the basic design of the set simply because there are 4 hits per box, tons of subsets and parallels, and the shot at a hot box (giggle).

If anyone wants the base cards and parallels of a particular team please let me know, all you would need to do is Paypal us about $2.25 shipping and the cards are yours. The hits will not be included. I am debating on trying to flip the hits into a blogger box break or something like that. One team per person this way everyone has a chance. (I'm keeping the Lakers.)

November 19, 2010

We have an idea...

Actually, I kind of have an idea... It's more like I am bored and looking for something fun to do. I know with the holidays coming up many of us are going to be tight on money and really not spending any on ourselves. However, group breaks are a great way to scratch the itch, or give yourself a little present for being so generous. Since there is nothing new out in terms of baseball, would you guys be interested in breaking another sport? I am on a basketball kick which is why I am asking and being silly. While my interest in teams would be very limited, I would still want to do it or split the team I want with someone.

Let me know what you're thinking. Maybe a half case or a couple of boxes to break would be fun to cut costs and still have some fun.

If not, perhaps you guys can make some suggestions for upcoming baseball breaks that we should get pricing on (2011 Heritage will definitely be one).

November 17, 2010

Hobby box blues

When was the last time you bought a hobby box of anything?

When was the last time you enjoyed a hobby box of anything?

It seems these days cards just aren’t there for collectors. We’ve had products like Topps Chrome and Bowman Chrome where Topps needed to pimp it out by using wrapper redemption programs to get collectors interested.

We’ve have Panini where the sets seem to look like each other. Certified is no different from Threads. These cards need a little something with their designs.

Then, with Upper Deck, they are only creating hockey products, but it seems as though have put little value in their products. Upper Deck did a great job with Ultimate Baseball, but as a collector I have to wonder if they knew they were on the way with the sport so they put everything they had into that product.

Not since Bowman base have I felt the need to buy a hobby box of a product, but I think that was more because of Stephen Strasburg. I was excited when I pulled a Strasburg base card – then sold it.

If collectors aren’t buying cards, I applaud you. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be buying. If you genuinely like something, there is no better way of showing your support.

Collectors shouldn’t buy product if there isn’t anything good out there. We shouldn’t support bad behavior with our money.

We went through many of things we didn’t like from this year. But we don’t want to make this a bashing session.

So, how about this? For everything you say you didn’t like from the card companies this year, you have to tell me one thing you also liked.

November 15, 2010

ITG Baseball on deck with its first release

I liked In The Game's hockeybrelease this year. Great patches and autographs, but just a little out of my price range.

ITG is coming out with its first baseball next year. Guys like Mike Trout, Christian Colon and Manny MachadoManny Machado are going to be part of. 

2011 Heroes and Prospects Baseball Hits Series 1 - of there's gonna be more than one? - is ready to come ot in January (fingers crossed).

Here are a few photos:

What do you guys think?

Christian Colon

Tim Beckham

Jarrett Parker and Francisco Peguero

Christian Colon

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