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February 28, 2010

My Loot from the 2010 Topps Million Card Giveaway

I finally decided to give in a redeem these Million Card Giveaway suckers to see what I got, or didn't get for that matter. I had 10 codes to redeem and toyed with selling them on eBay for a while but figured I should take a shot just in case there is a Pujols card in the bunch here.

Here is my loot:

1. 1969 Rookie Stars Jerry Crider/Geo. Mitterwald, Minnesota Twins

3. 1959 Andy Pafko, Milwaukee Braves

4. 1979 Dave Heaverlo, Oakland A's

5. 1963 Ernie Bowman, San Francisco Giants

6. 1959 Sporting News Rookie Stars Dick Stigman, Cleveland Indians

7. 1972 Carlos May, Chicago White Sox

8. 1976 Joe Niekro, Houston Astros

9. 1979 Ron Jackson, California Angels

10. 1964 Dave Wickersham, Detroit Tigers

I am rather surprised that I got all vintage cards, but surprised in a good way. I was expecting to end up with some cards that were a year or two old at most and ended up winning with all vintage. For the record, all of these codes were from retail packs. I didn't buy a single 2010 Series 1 Hobby pack. I probably will not have a single one of these shipped to me, but the process was more fun than I thought it would be.

If anyone is interested in any of these let me know, I'm more than willing to trade them.

Sunday Question

Now that baseball season is drawing closer (thank God), I know many of you guys have been looking to get to games this season either at home or on the road. How many of you guys picked up season tickets, or single game tickets? Anyone planning a road trip to see a new or favorite stadium?

I know I am planning on catching a game at Camden during the National, and hopefully Sooz and I will catch a game somewhere else this season. I'm all for visiting Citi Field this season again, and I am going to try to go when they play St. Louis.

February 26, 2010

2010 Heritage Super SP SOLD!!

The 2010 Topps Heritage Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Roger Maris Pants 4/5 has sold on eBay by best offer today.

Talk about cleaning up on a hobby box. Daaaammnnn

eBay and snow

Being snowed in allows for lots of time to search the internet for things you never knew you needed, but now want. I am not going to bid on this Albert Pujols/Derek Jeter Stamp because it's way out of my price range but it's one of those cards I would like to find in a pack at the hobby shop.

OK, so how many of you have been buying things online while snowed in? I picked up 2 things so far, one I needed and one I didn't. I bought a permanent marker pen to send with my TTM to Phil Hughes (here's to hoping I actually follow through on it this year), and an Adam Lind chrome refractor for 99 whole cents.

Round one of shoveling was just completed, so now I'm off to have some lunch. Feel free to entertain me since I am trapped here til tomorrow (hopefully that's it).

February 25, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage 7 Pack Break

Yesterday I went down to my favorite card shop, the Baseball Card Store in Midland Park, NJ and picked up a bunch of Heritage packs from a nice fresh hobby box. I tried very hard to keep from opening them until today for the boredom, but I opened half last night and half today.

This year is definitely the nicest looking set of Heritage if you ask me. One of the other things that is nice about the Heritage is that there is a nice variety of cards, and stuff for the player collector as well as the set collector to chase. There is definitely something for everyone. I really want to order a box or two of these because for the price it is a fun break.

The box toppers are fun this year with the regular versions as well as the stamp versions, so now if you collect a player or a team you will have two to try and track down. Dave the owner of the shop was nice enough to give me the topper from the hobby box they opened, which was super cool of him.

While I know I am not the first to post pack breaks of Heritage, I did scan each pack for everyone to see the cards rather than reading them. It is also nice to see the cards so you can get an idea of the collation of the inserts and SPs.

Pack 1:
Hanley Ramirez Chrome
Pack 2:
Ichiro MVP

Pack 3:
Pablo Sandoval Chrome
Pack 4:
Max Scherzer Chrome
Pack 5:
Kenshin Kawakami SP

Pack 6:
Pack 7:
Ichiro MVP
Wrapper (I have one for BASEBALL DAD *wink*)

I'm much happier with what I got out of 7 hobby packs than I would have been with a blaster. You really can't beat a great price on hobby packs when you know the store doesn't mess with the packs, plus your odds of pulling anything non-base is substantially better in the hobby packs I'm sure. I wish it wasn't going to still be snowing tomorrow because I would really like to open more of these.

What Marie is going to do...

Dear Readers,

She may put her thumbs in her eyes if she has to shovel the driveway just one more time. She has been out there 4 times that she can remember, not including the last trip that was supposed to just be to flag down a plow to clear the 2 plus feet of snow that the town buried at the bottom of the driveway. She also got the joy of feeling like a kid submerged in snow... only this time it was to dig one side of my car out and clear the 2 wheels.

Marie is now going to take a shower and hibernate until baseball season. Good day.

the crazy lady.

P.S. If she still has eyes, and is awake she will scan Heritage cards and post a break.

P.P.S. Storm almost halfway over and there is at least a foot of snow already.

Remember when....

snow days were the best days as a kid? I will admit I rather like them right now since I am back in school, however they still suck being stuck home all day. The only main road I can see from my house the cars are moving at a rate where I could run faster even with my sinus issues.

This just means logging in cards today, and probably cleaning house/shoveling snow which are all my favorite things to do. However if I do need to go out I will be relying on one of these to get me around. Anyone else trapped?

It is coming down pretty damn good here for about an hour, and hour that would have so far been better spent asleep. Stay tuned for the next 100 volumes of todays blogging, which is sponsored by White Coats.

(Picture is after about one hour of snow.)

February 24, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage Super SP

Check out what just hit eBay, serial numbered 4/5 and something many Yankees fans are going to want. Just a matter of how crazy of an offer you are willing to make or just buy it outright....

The bright side of this purchase, you could make $19.99 in eBay bucks...

2010 Topps Heritage

Today after my class I e-mailed the hobby shop to see if they got in Heritage yet, and they did so I took a ride over and picked up a couple of packs. I have not scanned them all yet, but I am going to work on that for tomorrow. I also got to meet my friend Dan, who collects Adam Lind also. He brought me some cards so I have to work on getting some together for him.

What I have noticed today on eBay is that there are a bunch of 2010 Topps Base sets for sale at a reasonable price if you can't afford to break hobby boxes, or would rather save some money and just pick up the whole set this way. There are also some 2010 Topps Team sets popping up now if you prefer to go that route.

I missed an auction I should have just did the buy-it-now on but I am cheap. I figured I would think about it while I ate dinner and it was long gone by the time I finished eating. I am still kicking myself hours later for not bidding on this Lot of Pujols cards. I also know a bunch of you guys are going to be breaking boxes so I am hoping to trade for some of the base cards I need and maybe even a chrome or two.

Did anyone else bust a box or packs yet? I know sruchris did, and I am in kahootz for trading with him already.

At first look at these cards I will agree with the people that said this is the best looking Heritage set yet. It is 1,000 times better than last year design wise.

Edit: Have you guys checked out Heritage Stamp cards and box toppers yet? They are pretty damn sweet.