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February 6, 2010

6 Topps redemptions...

and 6 Suck it, Topps! Suck it, Topps! Suck it, Topps! Suck it, Topps! Suck it, Topps! Suck it, Topps! from me back to them for screwing us on these.

Last year as some of you might recall Sooz and I bought a case of 2008 Series 1 Jumbo boxes and there were 6 World Baseball Classic redemption cards in the case. They did not say they were specific to a certain card number on the cards so I punched in the codes and waited... I got home today to see 6 Tri-Star envelopes and was excited to see what we ended up with. Now, I just want to punch someone from Topps right in their suckhole.

How would you feel if you redeemed 6 cards and got these? I don't care what team you are a fan of, who the f- needs 6 of the same card? If we got 6 Pujols or 6 Jeters I would still be annoyed.

Just something else that makes no sense. Someone should tell Topps their redemption process sucks, as well as collectors having to redeem codes and bulls--- 12 weeks or whatever the hell for delivery.

I'm done now. Now I am going to scan my GOOD cards, the 2010 Upper Deck Series 1 hobby packs which had ZERO redemptions and were still COOL despite not having a team name on them.


  1. Nice write-up, ma'am ...

    For what it's worth I want want of those Daisukes. :)

  2. You were Bipped by Topps. That sucks.

  3. Totally worth the Twitter tease! That's brutal.

    Hit up the many WBC and Red Sox fans. You might get something nice in return.

  4. You got hosed on that one. I am sure the folks out here in blogoland can turn 5 of those Dice-K's into other WBC's

  5. You guys were a perfect 6 for 6!!! Brilliant idea topps.... let's put all the redemptions in this product the same card!! Great planning and execution on that one topps!

  6. I laughed at the bipping comments.

  7. That defies words.

    I'll take one. Email me a list of demands.



  8. what's the opposite of short print? ;)

    I bet they are overly mass produced.

    At least Topps could have sent you a few piniella auto's. Those seem to be going for about $10 each on the auction site lately.

  9. i got a similar deal
    back when the wbc was occurring i bought a lot of 20 on ebay for around $80 thinking i could get a set

    also had 1 from a jumbo box i had bought

    redemptions showed up as
    (4)ubaldo jimenez x 5
    (8)yu darvish x 5
    (9)jung bong x 6
    (10)daisuke matsuzaka x 5

    worse yet when i received the tristar envelopes several months later there were only 13 in the stack
    ended up only getting 1 darvish and 2 dice-ks, got all of the ubaldos/bongs i was supposed to though

  10. My only two redemptions were... wait for it... Daisucksalot Matsuzaka... I fed them to my dog. Topps can bite the big one

  11. It makes it easy for Topps, just make it so every redemption is for the same card.

  12. I'd like to bip Topps right back by sending them every piece of crap card back and telling them to eat it.

    But we both know I wouldn't do such a thing....

  13. Did you see my latest post regarding the morons at Topps?

    I have 2 cards that have been marked shipped for about 3 months now.

  14. Six sides all the same. Trick Dice.