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September 26, 2007

2007 Turkey Red Hobby Box Break #1

As a long time fan of the Topps Turkey Red Series of cards, I pre-ordered 2 hobby boxes from one of my favorite eBay sellers at a great price. I was very impatient waiting for this product, but upon opening the first of the two boxes I was more than impressed and happy.

The box topper, was a Dick Perez signed Vlad card numbered 21/25 which made me very happy without having to see any more. Now aside from the fact that I am convinced that I got a "hot" box, it was like the packs never ended. Topps made a great product once again, with 24 packs per box and 8 cards per pack, you just can't go wrong here.

I did happen to win another hobby box on ebay for $66.00 which should be coming next week, and I am hopeful that one of them might contain my Pujols AU. Hopeful, but pessimistic none the less.

Here is the breakdown of the first hobby box:

Presidents: Clinton, Wilson
Road to 500: #324

Almost all RC'S including Hughes, Clippard, Dice-K, Dice-K checklist, Gordon, Kouzmanoff, Owings, Young, etc etc.

Box Topper: Vlad Guerrero Cabinet, Dick Perez Auto 21/25

Chromograph Refractor: Tony Gwynn, Jr.

Refractors: Ramirez, Hanley; Mantle

Chrome: Beckett, Oswalt, A-Rod, Miller RC, Gallardo RC, Slaten RC, Jones,

GU: Cantu BAT, Beltran JERSEY (2 color)

Silk Collection: Jason Bay 40/99






Hobby Box #2 break to follow shortly......

September 20, 2007

My Mailday

I got some other cards, but these two were by far my favorite. The UD Elements Auto is 15/15 as well. I love it.

September 19, 2007

Bubble Mailer Day 09-19-07

In today's mail I had a glorious package. I received the following 3 cards, for a decent shipping rate. Although high, I still got 3 cards for the price of most shipping charges for one card.

The seller of these cards was refractors4sale, and he is currently offering free shipping on the second card. Anyone looking for refractors, he had a decent selection at last look.

The Rookie Card and eBay

For the past several years I have been putting aside all Rookie cards, and first year cards into separate boxes from their respective sets. In doing so, my intention was to decide who I was going to seek out as a collection and try to complete it as best as possible with the funds available.

However, the problem with this comes shipping and handling charges. Recently, I have decided to start collecting Adam Lind cards because I figured they would be relatively easy to find in the tri-state area, and he wasn't a "Pujols" type of player, where his cards would be sky high on eBay and Beckett's website. I purchased one autographed card today on eBay, and the only reason I purchased it was because I can't go wrong with $4.99 for the card, even though the shipping is $4.00!!!! It is costing me $4.00 for standard First Class mail. Though that makes me very angry, in this case it evens out in my book. I will be scanning my Adam Lind collection once I get the cards that I have ordered, and put together my collection that I currently have. I am also willing to trade cards with any readers for multiple players, as would Sooz I'm sure

The point to the blog essentially is that sellers on eBay think that because the United States Postal Service raised their prices slightly that it gives them the right to overcharge the customer even more to compensate for the additional nickel it costs them.

Now if you go onto eBay you will see dozens of sellers charging $3-$5 for shipping one card. It is outrageous to think that these people do this with a clear conscience. My partner here purchased a card recently, and paid I believe $2.50 OR $3.00 for shipping and the card came in a regular white envelope with a $0.41 stamp. That seller should be disciplined by eBay since you can not take any action other than reporting them for excess shipping charges.

My advice to everyone is this: Try and buy what you can on Beckett from one or two sellers to save on shipping costs, and if you buy on eBay be very careful of the shipping cost before bidding, and if possible purchase from the same seller. Do not be afraid to report people for excess shipping charges as well.