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October 31, 2010

Sunday Question

Happy Halloween! While I don't really get all psyched up for Halloween or dressing up, there are two things I like about Halloween. 1. I get an excuse to eat junk (aside from my recent addiction to dark chocolate peanut butter cups), and 2. I actually like the "Monster Mash" song.

Did anyone go to any costume parties or bars this weekend and get all dressed up? More importantly, did you get dressed like anyone from the Jersey Shore so I can smack you... just kidding... not really.

So lets hear what you got dressed up as or if you got a picture to entertain us please share. Hate Halloween? I like a good rant too, so let it fly.

They played the Monster Mash.....

October 30, 2010

Ready ... Set ... GO!

This weekend Freedom Cardboard is hosting a Halloween event sponsored by Panini.

On Sunday, you can trick or treat all day with There will be special codes hidden in random threads on the board.

SOOOO ... the more you read, the more chances you have to win.

When you redeem a code, there will be two choices. You may either a) be "Tricked" and have your profile adorned with an icon signifying some classic moments in FCB History or b) receive a "Treat" and win a wonderful prize that was provided by and Panini.

Prizes include autographed cards from all sports, as well as several unopened hobby boxes provided by Panini.

They have PLENTY of prizes to go around, and would love for everyone to come in and try to win one.

This event will be running all day on Halloween starting at Midnight EST! So be sure to check out this Sunday to WIN!

More manufactured "relic" cards - Good idea or gimmick?

We've seen manufactured patch cards from Topps, which were mostly blaster exclusives for their baseball product. In this year's Topps flagship set, they included manufactured hat logo cards.

In 2010 Updates and Highlights, Topps has produced manufactured bat barrels cards that display the name of the play with a facsimile autograph.

We talk about gimmicks plenty around here and on other blogs.

But how do you really feel about these cards?

There are plenty collectors who don't seem to have a problem with these cards.

Take this Albert Pujols pink 1/1 bat barrel.

It sold for $326.79.

A Mikcey Mantle pink 1/1 bat barrel went for $265 and an Alex Rodriguez pink 1/1 bat barrel went for $214.

While manufactured, it's certainly something different. And Topps is not pretending for this card to be anything else. The card is clearly labeled on the front and back that it is a manufactured bat barrel.

Personally, I think the cards are sharp. I don't really have a problem with them. It's a new way to create cards where Topps doesn't have to spend a lot of money and getting autograph fees or buying jerseys and pants.

Some people on eBay would agree with me - this Derek Jeter black bat /25 sold for $89.

But what about you guys?

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October 29, 2010

Teams Available for 2010 Bowman Chrome case

Hey guys! One last shot here at claiming one of the remaining teams left in the Bowman Chrome Case break we are doing this week. Please let us know if you want a team, and send the money to cardbandits AT gmail DOT com.

White Sox

Price is $31.00 per team including shipping, if you want an additional team it will be including in that shipping charge.

October 26, 2010

Bowman Chrome and a video

So just an updated list of the teams that are taken:

Blue Jays
Red Sox

If the team is not listed and you would like it, please send payment to cardbandits AT gmail DOT com and I will add you to the list. I will do the break probably the night of the release, or the next day (pending we fill it).

Considering there is a Harper buyback auto in here that we could random off if it is pulled, that may entice more people to take a shot at it. We could random that off, or sell it.

Now, who wants to laugh? A friend of mine at school made me watch this today and it was kinda ridiculous. It's no Bert and Ernie, but it's funny.

This post is rated R

So sometimes in life we need a good laugh. There is no way you can not laugh at this clip, I just don't think it's possible. This is a clip of Bert and Ernie, dubbed over with the movie Casino. Obviously there is cursing and stuff, so children please don't click play (but... if you do, make sure your parents can't hear you listening).

Please say you laughed.

October 25, 2010

LAST CALL: 2010 Bowman Chrome Case

This is your last chance to get in on this break. Payment needs to be made by Friday for the team that you want. Read this post for available teams.

As it stands right now we will only be able to purchase almost a half case. This leaves 3 (maybe 4) options: we fill the teams (duh), we raise the buy in and people get randomly assigned to a second team, or I have to call the shop and tell them we can only do a half case (pending a couple more teams are sold).

I can't afford to buy the rest of the case by myself, but if someone wants to pick up the 6 boxes and pay the shipping that's another option.

Suggestions are welcome.

October 24, 2010

Sunday Question

Hey guys, we are back (sort of), though we never really left. We had a fun time at the games despite the fact that the Yankees played like garbage. The Rangers played much better than the Yankees on pretty much every possible level, and they really deserved to win. Am I upset that they lost? No, because I really didn't see how they could win with the way they were playing. Plus we get a refund for the World Series tickets, so that's cool with me.

As far as the Giants and Phillies go, I couldn't be happier the Giants won for a few reasons. A couple of friends I have made through Freedom Cardboard/Twitter are Giants fans that live in that area so I'm glad they are able to enjoy going to the games, and this makes Suzy's life a little easier with no Phillies to run her life for 2 weeks.

I will be watching the World Series and rooting for the Giants, though I honestly don't care who wins in the end. I do think it will go 6 or 7 games and be a great World Series. I hope that the people of California find an appreciation for the World Series being there because I really got the impression in my trips to the West Coast that baseball was just not that popular or important.

What do you guys think? How many games/who is going to win? Will you be watching?

P.S. How about Cody Ross?!! He was a monster in the NLCS, and I hope he can keep it up the rest of the way.

His interview was great at the end, he seems like a really humble guy who loves to smile. In fact, he did say that his nickname is "smiles".

October 18, 2010

Gone Fishin'

This week the Yankees are home for 3 games and both Sooz and myself will be attending the games. This means we may be M.I.A. for a few days... I have midterms next week and Sooz is super busy this time of year.

I always wanted to hang a sign like that somewhere, don't ask me why.

I got a sweet bunch of cards in the mail the last few days that I picked up on eBay so hopefully I get a chance to show some of those off at some point.

We will try to tweet from the games and post a pic or two to entertain everyone because we know how much you all LOVE the Yankees.

Let's go Andy!

October 17, 2010

Sunday Question

Now that the LCS series are both underway, we have seen a bit of what is to come from both teams. There has been some talk on Twitter about the ratings game and what could happen if the World Series ends up Rangers and Giants that no one would watch. Some people even went so far as to say Selig and Fox are cheering for the opposite outcome.

So, the question is.... How do you see the each series ending?

I would like to see the Yankees win it in 5 so I can see it in person, but I really think this series will end in 6 games with the Yankees victorious. As for the NLCS, I'm taking the Giants in 5. Bold prediction for the NLCS, but I just don't know if I see that going for a long series. ALCS has a better chance of going 7 than the NLCS though.

October 16, 2010

Rack packs, orange refractors and a scrub rookie.

Yesterday at Target I was in the baseball card aisle and as I was walking away 2 2010 Topps Chrome baseball rack packs fell into my wagon. I felt compelled to try my luck and see what orange refractors I could get.

Here are the highlights (note one pack had an extra card):

Cliff Lee

Roy Halladay

Tommy Hanson

Yunel Escobar

Mark Buehrle

Adam Wainwright

Johan Santana Chicle refractor /499

Stephen Strasburg
Go figure, when I finally couldn't care any less about pulling a Strasburg RC he pops up unexpectedly. I'm over the moon. Really.

If the rack packs were priced at an actual bargain it would be more fun to buy them. For $8.99 you get 3 packs ($2.99 each normally) and 3 orange refractors in a pack. I get that the bargain is supposed to be the additional refractors, but making them like a dollar less would be more fun.

I like this years chrome set because there are so many different insert cards and not just a boring base set. I bought one card from this set on eBay which I will show off later. The addition of the Chicle refractors, purple and orange refractors, and the rest make this a fun set to track down if you are a player collector. Well fun and frustrating, but I need something to do besides science so this is a good distraction.

These are all for trade except the Halladay which is going to Stale Gum. I need the Cano and Pujols orange cards. Actually as far as Cano goes, I am looking for purple, orange, red, and xfractor.

Anyone pull anything super sweet from the Chrome yet? Any trade bait to dangle in front of me?!!

October 15, 2010

Does this seller go into the Hall of Shame?

Earlier this week I went on a little binge on eBay. I picked up a couple of single cards I really liked to save myself from buying a box of something I can't afford and really won't want once I open it. I decided to put in an offer on a 2010 Topps Triple Threads Adam Lind auto, and I won it. Great. Today I get my mail and there it was, within days I got my card. That made me happy, until I opened it.

Now, I can't get mad because the card isn't damaged and was wrapped in bubble wrap however, the card is missing on essential element. Look closely... Click to zoom in... That's right, no top loader. Not even a penny sleeve. Just thrown in a team bag. Sigh. I know Lind isn't all that good, but he deserves a toploader.

October 13, 2010

The Best Worst Time of the Year

Yes, I know how crazy the title of this post sounds but it is exactly that. We are approaching the League Championship Series this week and the World Series isn't that far off, so it is definitely the best time of the year. The downside is that baseball season is almost over, which means a countdown to pitchers and catchers and nothing to watch on tv. I would say this even if the Yankees weren't in the playoffs, I just love playoffs.

What will be great this week, no matter who wins either series are the pitching match-ups between the teams. Obvisously when you have the four best teams playing each other that will happen, but something about this year just feels exciting.

Friday night will start the ALCS, where C.C. Sabathia and C.J. Wilson are scheduled to pitch. Both pitchers had great seasons, Sabathia winning 21 games and Wilson winning 15. Two or three of Sabathia's rookie cards happen to be in toploaders
in my PC, and I think I ended up with it from a bargain pack a year or two ago. He also has one autographed version of his rookie card. What an idea, a few rookie cards to chase and none of them command an $8,000 price tag (ahem, Albert).

-2000 Topps Prospects C.C. Sabathia
-1999 Topps Traded C.C. Sabathia RC Auto
-1999 Bowman C.C. Sabathia RC Auto
-1999 Bowman Chrome C.C. Sabathia RC Auto

-2002 Topps Traded C.J. Wilson Prospects
-2002 Bowman Chrome C.J. Wilson RC
-2003 Bowman's Best Chrome C.J. Wilson RC Auto

This is the part where I say I'm glad Cliff Lee can't start game one. This is also the part where I say I'm not sure if that matters because he can still pitch twice in the series if need be.

Now, the NLCS seems like it will be an absolutely incredible pitching duel. Roy Halladay, who in case you live under a rock, threw a no hitter in the NLDS will be pitching against Tim Lincecum who happened to have pitched a game where he struck out 14 batters. Sounds pretty boring, right? NOT (said in Borat's voice). During the regular season Halladay won 21 games for the Phillies, and Lincecum won 16 for the Giants. I honestly don't know if I have any Halladay rookie cards, but I know I have a bunch of Lincecum base rookie cards in my binder.

-1997 Bowman Roy Halladay RC
-1997 Bowman's Best Roy Halladay RC
-1999 Pacific Paramount Roy Halladay RC
-1999 SP Signature Edition Roy Halladay RC Auto

-2007 UD SP Rookie Edition Tim Lincecum RC #124
-2007 UD SP Rookie Edition Tim Lincecum RC #166
-2007 UD SP Rookie Edition Tim Lincecum RC #264
-2007 Bowman's Best Tim Lincecum RC Auto
-2007 Bowman Sterling Tim Lincecum RC Auto
-2007 SP Authentic BTL Tim Lincecum RC Auto

With all the excitement in the air this week it will be really hard for me to concentrate on studying for my midterms.

Which pitching match-up are you most looking forward to? Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing how Phil Hughes pitches for the Yankees. I feel like Andy is going to go out there and give you everything he has just as he always does, and well C.C. is C.C.