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February 14, 2010

Sunday Question: Ever get crazy about anything else?

Over the last few days I become obsessed with a video game Mass Effect 2. I played the first one and loved it and I don't normally play video games like that. I'm more of a co-op player. Love playing with another person, but this game is exactly my kind of thing. It involved science fiction, aliens and the race to save humanity.

I like that kind of stuff.

And, my character is female (you can be either male or female) and is a complete badass. You can either be a nice character and or a mean one. That's one of the cooler things about the game, as well. You pick dialogue along the way and earn points as either paragon (nice) or a renegade (not so nice).

I became so obsessed with this game over the last three days I couldn't stop playing. I finished the main mission, all the side missions and explored every star cluster (yes, I'm a nerd).

There was a Kevin Kouzmanoff card on eBay /25 from 2007 that I needed.Unfortunately, the card ended while I playing the game. However, I was so crazy about this game when I saw how much the card ended for and I definitely would have paid for it, normally, I would get angry, kick and scream like a little kid.

Instead, I shrugged and went back to killing evil aliens.

Have you ever gotten so caught up in something whether a game or something else that nothing else seemed to matter?


  1. I'm a gamer too and that has happened to me plenty of times. I'll get so wrapped up in the story of a game that I loose track of what's happening w/ reality. It doesn't happen much because I have too many responsibilities, but I did find myself "lost" in the world of BioShock 2 last week.

  2. I get very immersed in games, especially rpgs and mmorpgs... Sometimes I can go weeks without playing and then bam, I'm hooked for a week or two.

  3. I get so totally wrapped up in some games...I will play for WAY too many hours in a row and not care.

    For example: Halo 2. Came out when I was "in college". I used to play it every Friday and Saturday nigh with two buddies for 8-12 hours at a time. I passed up parties, girls and general shenaniganary (I made that word up, but I like it) to talk shit to 13 year old boys the world over and hone my shotgun blast.

    Did I care? Not one bit.

    I also got lost in Madden 2009 (played two complete seasons...playoffs and Super Bowl in both season in 10 days) and Call of Duty: Modern Combat (back in 2008. I had 4 days off and I played about, I don't know, 65 hours over 4 days).

    Seriously, sometimes I get too wrapped up in video games.

  4. Mass Effect 2 is a great game. I'm still trying to beat Mass Effect 2. Kinda getting side tracked by Bioshock 2.I never got crazy by any game. I can never play for more than 2 hours in one sitting.

  5. I probably have over a thousand hours on fallout 3. I don't know why but I just love that game.

  6. I enjoyed Fallout 3 as well. However, playing it made me nauseous. For some reason the game play made me feel sick.

    I did watch my boyfriend play the game and loved it.