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March 30, 2010

Wasting my time

Note: This post does not represent the opinions of all who participate in this blog:

I'm taking time out of my day to tell all of your NOT to vote in Upper Deck's popularity contest. We're listed as one of the nominees, however, if I was asked, I would have told Upper Deck to not bother.

I already expressed my opinion earlier that I didn't like it. Now, come to find out there are certain blogs that are stuffing the ballots, getting people to vote who don't even read card blogs. Additionally, some blogs are missing from the list of nominees, most notably Night Owl Cards and Dinged Corners. Any popularity contest that does not include these two blogs already proves what a joke it is.

Secondly, there are inactive blogs on there. How does that even work?

I wish everyone would go read the comments on a post Marie did yesterday. More and more people are becoming disenchanted with collecting cards. Perhaps this is all part of the problem.


  1. People just need to make their own cards, man! It's the wave of the future! ;)

  2. Upper Deck is having a popularity contest???
    here's the loop, and way over there, is me.

  3. Upper Deck is just trying to be hip and they really don't have a clue. All bloggers are winners in my mind. Each of you do what you love and I love what you do.

    As for the collecting funks... Peaks and valleys, peaks and valleys.

  4. Here Here! Let the ladies speak!

  5. Being a "new kid" on the block here....woah-woah-woah-oah-oah....I can't see anyone worth their salt taking this thing seriously. Ideally it would just be ignored but in the end it is pretty trite.

  6. It's funny--I've had my share of critical comments about Upper Deck, but don't see these awards

    Starting with historically elitist marketing concepts and attitudes, and continuing with seemingly poor and unethical business decisions, they've made it difficult for me to just be able to concentrate on their cards.

    Sometimes when considering buying UD in the past couple of years, it feels like I'm supporting organized crime or an evil empire (or both).

    However, then, I have had great interactions with the UD social media staff. They seem responsive, and not just in a corporate, canned fashion. They are aware of the criticisms, and instead of just negative responses and denials, I see positive efforts to communicate with (and not just to) their customers.

    I think these awards are harmless, and generally a nice gesture. I don't think there's been any pretense about them being "objective", although some high-credibility awards for the hobby and its social media components would be a good thing.

    I understand some of the ire going towards UD, but in this hobby, it seems it's another case of no good deed going unpunished (and only certain bad deeds get punished).

  7. Creating an award is one of the oldest self-promotion tricks in the book. It seems to have worked for UD this time.