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March 30, 2010

Trade Bait

OK, I am going to try and be productive tonight and scan some cards that I want to try and trade. I am only trading for Pujols, Cano, Lind (maybe Cervelli or Hughes) no one else. If no one is interested I may throw them on eBay for a laugh.

Here goes........

This is an Ichiro Dice Back that my scanner hated.... it's mint like everything else, but the white background was not agreeing with scanner.
If anyone has a Yankee Stadium seat card to trade that would be sweet, too.

There might be a sequel to this blog.


  1. I want dibs on the Ichiro dice back.

  2. Hey there, I have a want list of heritage chrome/ref on my site and I sent you a pujols list a while back, but never heard back from you...hit me up!


  3. I'd really love that Ichiro dice-back. I'll drop you a line..

  4. I have a whitey ford seat-back card that I can send of scan of if you like. I also have some Joba/Hughes/Brackman/Betances cards/autos I'm looking to move Not really interested in anything here but we've done trades before so if you have any Yankees stuff you'd like to get rid of, let me know.
    Dan X.

  5. I mean its a Yankee Stadium Seat card

  6. I am interested in the Brooks Robinson. I have a 2010 Opening Day 2009 Pujols commemorative patch.

  7. I've been contemplating doing a few of these to see if I can't get some trades done ...

    Then I realized I am still too unorganized