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April 29, 2011

2011 Gypsy Queen Case Break Results Part 3

This is the post you have all been waiting for and it's the best of the 3 posts for sure. The final installment of the posts will contain all the relics, auto's, printing plates, and stamps pulled from the case. So here we go!

Game Used Relics

Framed Relics There was also a Jeter relic that was kidnapped.

Stamp Cards /10


Printing Plate's

Gypsy Jewel (case hit)

I hope you guys had fun in the break and liked seeing all the scans of the cards. I know if I were in on a break I would want to see what cards were pulled without watching a 2 hour video and trying to remember. I think overall we did well, with the exception of the missing autographs. I will be sending in our UPC's and we will see what we get back in return. All I can say is they better not send us a bunch of freakin' Gypsy's autos or I will have to start that blog post off with an R rating for language.

What do you guys think of the mojo? Thumbs up or down?


  1. Definite thumbs up as a Yankees fan/collector on the relics you pulled. Hoping I get that lucky!

  2. Wow, looks like it's easily the best set topps has released since the monopoly began, maybe even going back to '07 or '08 Allen & Ginter. Didn't think topps had a set of that quality it in 'em anymore. Where was this effort with forgetable turds intended to be in a somewhat similar price range like 2009's Unique, Ticket to Stardom, or basically every single set they put out in 2010? What the hell, topps? Look how great you can be when you bother to apply yourself!

    And now that I'm veering into the hypocritical, I'll be on my way. Heh.

  3. I'm going to have to disagree with Lonestarr, and not just because I had the Braves and didn't get any hits. If you look at other case breaks and on eBay you see that EVERY CASE has the same base set of about ten autos (all the Rangers, the A's and a few other semi-stars). The variety of the hits in this product is severely lacking not to mention the quality control auto issue. I will say that the on card autos are nice and the Chapman auto in particular is amazing. For my money 2011 series one was a better product. Thanks for the break - looking forward to doing it again in the future.

  4. It's OK. Some nice Dodger hits there, although I'm not a printing plate guy and don't understand the stamp cards.

    The regular cards and the minis look pretty good, but it's one of those sets that will be "just Dodgers" for me.

  5. I think the set looks fantastic. I will agree with SIXTYfeet and say that the amount of Yankees/Cubs/Dodgers is a little bit insane, but I'd rather you get the Yankees stuff because of all of your efforts. The look and the inserts and hits meet all of my expectations, I just hope that my box isn't swamped with Yankees, I need some Sox. Thanks for doing it again.

  6. Thank you Ladies for putting this together. It was great, and I can't wait to get the Dodgers cards when they arrive.

  7. I am in agreement with Lonestarr, though as I mentioned during the break, I think Sixtyfeet has a point about the autos. In an entire case we scored not one superstar auto or classic player auto, that is disappointing. On the other hand, the quality of the relics (besides the duplicate Fukodomes) were very high in my opinion. The stamps are a little odd, but I am happy I got at least one hit. I don't see another set come out this year that I'll spend more money on than this one (then again I always like the "painted" stuff).

  8. I was really pleasantly surprised with this product. Looking forward to getting my hands on that Ripken! Thanks for doing the break.

  9. I think the cards look great but there are too many hits of the same team. I had the Padres, so basically was a spectator. If your a fan of the classic historical teams this set is for you.

  10. I certainly am happy about the autos as I got 3 of the 4 single auto Ranger cards that are in the checklist. Being a Rangers fan, I knew the minute I saw the sell sheets with the Josh Hamilton auto that I wanted in on the group break. That said, I'm surprised the mix of teams wasn't better on the hits. Maybe some of the autos in the UPC lot will hit some of those team that were hitless. Thanks for the break ladies.

  11. Can someone explain to me the point of Gypsy jewels and why it's a case hit? Why is a case hit something so pointless and worthless. It should be something like a cut auto, auto patch, legend auto, something like that.

  12. Thanks Ladies for a top notch job. This was the first case break I got to watch from start to finish. Once I figured out which teams I had it got even better. Did ya'll get to the bottom of who had the Reds and Rays.

    I am in the next two for Series 2 Topps and I can't wait. I can't wait to see what the next break will be after series 2 topps, Bowman or Topps Lineage. I will probably get in on both. Y'all have a safe Saturday.

  13. YOU PULLED THE CHAPMAN AUTO? my heart is seriously broken that I wasn't in on this break. Sigh. The single card I want the most in this set!

    All the cards look awesome though! I'm sure whoever had Texas is happy with their three autos! :)

  14. AEast317,

    I am a Champman fan too, but that doesn't mean I can move this auto either by trade or purchase. I am doing a card show on May 21st and I planned to display it for sale or trade, so I am always willing to listen to offers. I will send you an email so we can discuss further.

    BTW- AEast317 you've got to get into these breaks they are addictive.