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April 27, 2007

2005 Topps Turkey Red Box Break

Once upon a time I bought a hobby box of 2005 Topps Turkey Red. By once upon a time, I mean I bought the box 2 years ago on eBay for a great deal.

I tend to be a squirrel of sorts, so it took me two years to break it. Let me remind those of you who do the same thing, if you have them from 2005, OPEN THEM! The reason I say this is, the autograph redemptions will expire around Ausust 2007 and you will no longer be able to redeem these. Thanks to Sooz, I made it in time and thank goodness.

In this hobby box, I received a Mariano Rivera autograph redemption card. I very rarely, if ever, pull a great auto card. Now, don't feel bad for me because I don't buy expensive boxes so it's my own fault. At any rate, I sent in the card and within 2 weeks I had my Rivera autographed card. Also in this box I got a Red game used Jersey Card of Alex Rodriguez which made it that much sweeter.

I think at the time I paid $58 for the box, and it was well worth it from those two cards and it was loaded with Yankees base cards, as well as a couple of SP's.

Now the question is..... Do I send out the auto card to get it graded?

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