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April 28, 2007

2007 Topps Moments & Milestones Break

Yes, I was sucked in to all the hype of this product. Normally I am very cautious about spending $9.99 for a pack of baseball cards, much less buying a box for $150 retail. I did buy quite a few packs over a couple of weeks, and picked up one auto card from the single packs, being Miguel Montero. Not as exciting as I had hoped for ten bucks, but such is life.

After buying more single packs than I care to admit I went on an eBay hunt for a decent discounted box. I found one for $102 plus $7.95 shipping. What a deal! In this box I pulled an Andrew Miller RC AU, and Martin Prado AU. There were no 1/1's or Printing Plates, which was disappointing.

A week later while searching eBay, I saw an auction for 2 boxes of Moments & Milestones at a Buy-It-Now price of $209.95 and $10.00 shipping. Yahoo!! $105 a box is the steal of the century. The first box I pulled another Andrew Miller RC AU (very odd to get two I thought), Jonny Gomes AU, and a Billy Wagner 1/1 Red Saves card. The second box I pulled an Adam Lind RC AU, and a Mike Napoli AU. Again, no 1/1's or Printing Plates. I did get 3 black Pujols and 3 regular ones, which made me happy. 6 Pujols in the final box was more than I pulled in the first 2 together of him.

While I don't feel like I will make my money back selling the cards I don't collect, I am hopeful I will come across someone who might trade me for some Albert Pujols cards, or Robinson Cano cards. If you are one of those people please get in touch with me by all means.

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