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December 29, 2015

More like a Funko problem

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This blog is obviously about trading cards -- it is a "A Cardboard Problem" after all. But in essence, it also about collecting, a hobby so many of us share together. I love collecting, and sometimes, not just cards.

Many of us don't just collect trading cards, but often find other things we feel compelled to hoard. While I slowly add Derek Jeter cards to my binders, I have another collection that I have been devoting time to. 

Pop! Funkos have gotten my attention. I don't know how long the fad will last, but I am here as long as they are. But, like card collecting, I don't want all of them. No, I just want the ones of the players (or in this case, the TV show) that I am interested in. 

I love Supernatural. I've watched the show since it aired on Day 1.

The Pop Funkos of Supernatural are my newest collection -- I've even dedicated a page to it here on the blog. The names in blue are the ones I own, red means it's on the way, and white means I still need to track it down.
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The page is more of checklist for the Supernatural Pop! Funko toys. New ones come out often and I haven't been able to find a definitive checklist for these collectibles.

But I am a completist, and currently I own 14 of the 22 possible variations that have been created. That's 64%, which is why better than my Jeter collection's current statistics. When it comes to my Jeter collection, I own just about 13% of all of his cards ever made. That doesn't seem like a lot, but it's more than 2,000 unique cards.

Slowly, both of these collection will build, but I have a feeling I may finish my Funko collection (not counting the minis) long before my Jeter collection. 


  1. My problem is the Mystery Minis... I'm addicted to the Nightmare Before Christmas and Science Fiction minis whereas my Wife is addicted to the Horror Pop and Walking Dead series. ...and as Fuji so kindly pointed out, these little bastards are the "Beanie Babies" of our time!!!

    I lean toward the minis as they take up less room, though I do have several Pop! figures as well. My wife got me a full year's subscription to the Smuggler's Bounty, the first came with an exclusive Captain Phasma, the Tie Fighter Pilot, and an exclusive Star Wars First Order Storm TrooperPop t-shirt!

    1. I have a bunch of the Supernatural mystery minis as well. I opened an entire case. I have to get that checklist up and running soon.

  2. I've never seen Supernatural... but I do love me some Funko Pops. My addiction? Star Wars. Hope you and your family have a safe and positive 2016.

  3. I started with a Rocket Raccoon Pop that I ended up giving away the summer that Guardians of the Galaxy came out. I bought a Daenerys Targaryen one a few weeks later, and that hasn't inspired any more Game of Thrones purchases.

    But then I got a C-3PO for my birthday last year, and of course he needed an R2-D2 to go with him. And that might have been that, except a friend randomly gave me Hoth Luke. And that led to a couple dozen more...

  4. I totally feel you on this! I got hooked on the Star Wars Pops and all the different exclusives. Cards, Pops and wine collecting in that order!

  5. I like Supernatural. I haven't gotten into the Pop figures though..