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April 27, 2010

Did Topps get football back?

Remember way back to November 2009 when it was announced that Topps and football were no longer friends?

Well, at the time the NFL Players Association announced it was not renewing Topps for 2010, but apparently things have changed over the last few weeks. It won't just be Panini (who is going a great job with the NFL draft picks).

Topps is bringing back football. Look for 2010 Bowman Chrome to hit the shelves later this year, according to Gilmore and his post on Freedom Cardboard.

Topps recently posted a job on Monster and many also believe the job has to do with the fact that they are getting football back. This is big news since many of the sports were going with exclusives. However, with Upper Deck's recent financial troubles, the door is open for many of the sports they have deals with.

This should be great news to football collectors. Football fans did enjoy Topps especially Bowman Chrome.

The last football we saw from Topps with 2009 Platinum and 2009 Unique way back in January.

I know we don't talk a lot about football around here, but what do you think about this news and what is your favorite football card?


  1. I only collect football by default in my on-card auto collection, but this is great news, imo. Competition makes the world go round!

    My favorite football card is my ONLY vintage football card: 1952 Wheaties Otto Graham.

  2. well, since Panini hasn't made a decent card or set in years, topps getting back in it is a good thing.
    Although the only topps football sets worth mentioning are base and Topps Chrome. Everything else is crap.
    The football hobby is going to seriously change, and fast. Topps can't make a high end set to save their butts, and panini can't make a set. Any set.

    Looks like it's Topps Chrome and that's it.

  3. I agree with the Captain. Topps being back relieves the fear of a Panini-only calendar for football, but UD's loss still leaves a huge hole in the football market. I'm glad Topps Chrome will be back.

    It's tough to say which is my favorite football card. It would probably be one of my Emmitt Smiths, but its difficult to pick just one.