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April 19, 2010

eBay bargain

Sometimes you can find something on eBay that makes you want to do a jig, and then there are the other times when you want to choke the person selling a card for thinking it's worth $8,000. I was searching just randomly for 2010 Topps Finest last week, and when you find someone who s$2.15 for unlimited cards it tends to make you flip through their store.

I discovered this gem for $1.99 and how could I not steal it.

An Adam Lind gold refractor /50, for $1.99 thanks so much.

This is the only gold refractor I have of Lind, it was a cool card to get in the mail and fin to add to a page of cards that are all the same just different colors and serial numbers.

Sometimes I find it overwhelming when cards are released in 3908 colors, but when you get close to getting all of them it looks pretty cool.... even if its years after they were released. If for some reason someone has the 2010 Finest Adam Lind, Robinson Cano /99 or /50 or any of the Albert Pujols serial numbered cards please e-mail me if they are available.

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