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April 11, 2010

Adam Lind PC additions

I am still working on 2007. There I said it, I am 3 years behind in finishing some projects. However, in my defense I collect Albert freakin' Pujols so do the math. Slowly but surely I will finish my rainbow of Lind cards, and I think right now I am only missing 2 of this particular card, the one /25 and /200. There is a random tri-sig from this set /27 I have only seen once also, but was too much money.

These are my most recent additions to the Adam Lind binder. 2007 Co-Signers /125 and /175.

I also have a bunch of cards that I had scanned and haven't gotten around to blogging about yet, but I will. Especially the nice package I got from Todd at Wax Pack Relapse.

If anyone out there has the Lind /25 please e-mail me if you want to trade it.


  1. Marie, do you have any extra Lind cosigners at all?

  2. Tim, I don't but if you are just looking for one of the regular non serial numbered ones, or a higher serial numbered one there were a bunch of them on eBay the other night. One was $4.95 I think, however I am doubtful that it's still around.

    Are you looking for a specific one? I will keep an eye out for you.

  3. I'm trying to do the "rainbow" in the autographed version.