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April 8, 2010

Jeter's new look?

Baseball Dad was kind enough to send me over some 2010 cards. Apparently, Derek Jeter got a new a look on the way from Ohio.

He even adds a little suspense.

I slowly pulled back because I didn't know what was in store. His hat seemed normal, his eyes are the same ... then, ohhhhhhhhh

Well, it's not so bad. I always did like a guy with facial hair. Jeter makes it work. ;)

Here are the rest of the cards good ol' Baseball Dad sent over. These have to be old since Jeter is sporting his old look in them.


  1. I almost confused the last two cards for Upper Deck '10s.

  2. Did he draw on the card or the hardsleeve?

  3. Are you sure that Jeter doesn't have the new look in any of the other cards? I mean you can't actually see his face in any of the other cards.

  4. He drew on the penny sleeve.

    Roofgod - perhaps I like the view on the other cards better.