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April 24, 2010

eBay Idiot of the week

Well, this one made me laugh out loud literally. It made me laugh for two reasons, one I have a metal card similar to this but it's a copper/gold looking one of a Topps card and two, who is the hell would pay for this?

This whole free listings thing on eBay is going to provide me with lots of idiots who decide that they are going to list a few real things since the other 100 crappy things were free.

Congrats dude, you are the Idiot of the Week. On the bright side, you can earn $200 in eBay bucks...


  1. ridiculous.

    I keep being tempted to do this with two guys I collect. Most of their cards run $4, $5 at the most. Every now and then one pops up for like $99, and I'll message them to say "I can get 8 of those on COMC for $4 and 3 on Beckett for $5." I never get a message back...

  2. I read the price in an Austin Powers (Dr. Evil) voice.

  3. Worst part of the whole thing?!?! After I pay my one million dollars, he is away until May 1st, so I have to wait for my treasure to come! What nerve...

  4. Love the quarter for size reference. I also had the Austin Powers going in my head.
    Great minds Sooz.

  5. Soooo do you also get the quarter if you win?

  6. On the bright side, he guarantees that "My prices are always at or under 'Beckett' book prices, never higher," so that's a comfort.