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April 2, 2010

The search for "Mojo"

Since it was quite nice out here today I decided to detail my car for the majority of the day, and while not properly scrubbing the undercarriage and under the hood it is passable. He got the works today, wash, wax, and clean interior. Well, what good is a clean car with no where to go? No good.

I went out tonight just basically for a ride (and to rummage through Target and Barnes & Noble) to see if I could discover a way to get our mojo back here at A Cardboard Problem. Sadly Target did not have the answer, which if you have read this blog for more than a few weeks, you would have thought the answer was there like it always used to be. No such luck.

Ah, on to Barnes & Noble where perhaps they may have a magazine baseball related, medical book, or workout book I can check out and enjoy. Well, while browsing I discovered something that may be able to cure me and Sooz along with some of you experiencing similar pain.

Surely this book was written for card collectors, and more importantly with perfect timing. (I did not purchase this, nor did I open it.) Perhaps I should read this and share the knowledge. Nah, who cares about mojo, it's a stupid word anyway.

I kept walking and saw a sign that said "Baseball" and I made like a laser beam and shot myself straight there. Now, these books looked like fun. They certainly won't get my card mojo back but if I had time or money to go on a loooooooooong road trip, this would probably be the ultimate "funness" for me.

Well, that was all the fun that was in the mall. No mojo and no Target purchases (gasp!), partially because I don't want Topps Attax cards and the cards I still need from Heritage are not going to be in a pack or blaster so there is no point in wasting money to be disappointed.

No baseball cards meant saving money, which in turn left money for an ice cream cone with sprinkles for the win. Yum.

My final stop was Shoprite. As I was leaving I checked out the vending machine because I can't not look in a card vending machine and see what's new. That's when I felt it... a little bit of the inner child, and smidge of mojo peaked out through the darkness and lightning in the baseball card area of my brain...

Yes!!! ONE DOLLAR for TWENTY SEVEN cards. Despite the fact that there will be nothing I want in this pack, it is ONE DOLLAR for TWENTY SEVEN cards. I win. (Yes, I also know I am trying to get rid of my unwanted cards and this will not help.) How could I turn this down?

If you guys want to see what was in the pack let me know and I will post the contents tomorrow at some point.


  1. I wanna see, I wanna see! :D

  2. I saw the mojo book at Barnes and Library yesterday too. All I could manage was *facepalm*. That word needs to be excommunicated from the language. All uses, not just the lame collectors who shout it at the top of their lungs.

  3. You can't tease with a pack of 18-year-old cards and then not show. I remember busting lots of boxes of that stuff back in 1992.

    Ya gotta post the rip.

    Think of the children!!!

  4. Pull one of those bad-ass Team Pinnacle cards. LOVED those cards. I have two -- both commons I paid a quarter each for.

  5. Man, I was reading along and just when I thought we'd see the loot, the mojo, the booty... Ya leave us hanging! AAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!