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April 16, 2010

eBay Idiot of the week

I'm surfing around eBay because I am a millionaire looking for cards (read: broke and sarcastic) of Adam Lind to finish a project, and I come across another one. Another bozo that thinks they have the card that will pay off their car loan, or student loan, or whatever.

Now granted, this Adam Lind 1/1 is a sweet looking card but, seriously dude? You wouldn't get that much if Albert Pujols signed that card. I happen to have the "crappy" version of the same card the that's serial numbered to /199, which I paid like $4.00 for at the time. Looks like I win.

This may become a routine post for us, finding idiots to post for our own amusement.

Can't wait to see what the 1/1 sells for....

EDIT: The same seller is also selling this Adam Lind 1/1, some "fan" is right.


  1. What's funny is that the seller is self-proclaimed Adam Lind fan, yet is selling a 1/1 of his card.

  2. Here's the story behind this guy I have learned via Adam's cousin. This guy was Adam's roommate in college and he started buying up every card he could find of Adam. I've tried to do business with him before and he will try to make you bleed cash out of you in the process. HE's changed his ebay names quite a few times as well. He won't reply to me anymore since I caught him in trying to rip someone else off. YES he has these cards but wants outrageous prices so we're stuck having to put up with his monarchy. I do have the emails to prove all of this as well.

  3. I just made an offer for $15.99.

    As in a penny under sixteen bucks.

    Think he'll take it?

  4. That SP Authentic card may be a 1/1 but it's Fugly. If this is what we had to look forward to, with UD losing it's license, we are not missing much.

    Now HERE Is an idiot

  6. You can't beat the free shipping.

  7. Sadly, he declined my offer with this gem of a response:

    "Why even waste my time with an offer you kn"

    Duh. Two reasons.

    1) You first.
    2) It was fun.

  8. lol, great job. We should just go around pissing off one ebay member at a time.

    BTW, what's a kn?

  9. I was wondering the same thing. I even did a google search on "kn" like an old person to see if I've missed out on some new tweener txt lingo.

    Nothing. I don't think he was sexting me through eBay either; pretty sure about that.

    I think he was just so put out that I "wasted his time" that he couldn't spare another 1/3 of a second to finish the sentence with the "ow?" on the end.

  10. I told you this guy is an ass! LOL!