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April 13, 2010

Jeter pranks the Yanks

Today was Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, and they did so in grand style. They started the day with a ceremony handing out the 2009 World Series Championship rings.

They had 27 banners flying above the facade at the Stadium, one for each of the Yankees World Series titles. Joe Girardi is wearing number 28 this year because the goal this season for the Yankees is to make sure there is a 28th championship, and a new banner for next opening day.

Derek Jeter, in a pre-game interview eluded to him doing something nice for Matsui and when Kim Jones asked him if we would see it, he said, "no, but you're gonna hear about it."

Turns out the Yankee captain decided it would be fun to prank a teammate by placing a fake World Series ring in the box. Hideki Matsui received a dummy ring as a practical joke. Instead of the white gold original with 119 diamonds totaling 3.55 carats, the box contained a replica from an April 3 spring training promotion.

Jeter is a very good friend of Matsui's and said, "He deserves it. He played here for seven years. He played hard. He came to work every day. He's a favorite amongst the players."

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