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April 24, 2010

Panini striking when hot

Panini figured out a way to capitalize right away the on the NFL Draft. The NFL Draft has become a television event just as much as anything else. It isn't just football people waiting for picks, but fans from every team across this country has followed the draft over the last two days.

Admittedly, I don't collect football cards, but I like what Panini did here.

The company posted pictures of their news card, which are the first for the player. FIRST!

As collectors, who doesn't want the first? This is a Sam Bradford card for 2010 Prestige.

Are they the best looking cards? No, but they hold a specific purpose and Panini did that. They are grabbing hold of the NFL interest while it's there instead of waiting until the preseason begins, when fans begin to get interested again.

Panini made several of these card images available on their Facebook page, along with cards that aren't sharp looking.

Panini had a cutout in each card of the draftees and inserted a plastic helmet on each card. This way they aren't committed to any one team and can make these cards with the players way ahead of time. For a first go-around, I think this is a great job by Panini.

Hmmm, maybe they could make MLB cards ....

P.S. I like how some eBay members are already using these pics in their auctions.


  1. More baseball cards would be such a good thing.

  2. Panini should make baseball. It is the most popular sport for cards and I think we all want it. But now Topps has to screw that up.