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April 24, 2010

Photos from Trenton Thunder

I went to a Trenton Thunder game last night for Joba Chamberlain bobblehead night. Because I was asked several times yesterday when I said I was going to the game, yes, I went by myself. I enjoy baseball and have no problem sitting there, keeping score and just enjoying the night.

I also wanted the bobblehead.

These were the only people writing down the lineup.


  1. Minor league games are a lot of fun!

  2. I really enjoy going to games on my own. I can get into the game more sometimes, and it is easier to get around and take pictures etc.

    that park is on my list to do sometime.

  3. My youngest son just took his girl friend to a Lake County Captains game thursday night.They had fun and he came back with a foul ball he got and had auto'd.

  4. I can't express how awesome it is that you went by yourself and kept score.

  5. I go to hockey games by myself. Nothing wrong with it.

    That's kind of a goofy looking bobblehead, but I suppose Joba is a goofy looking guy.

  6. I didn't get Thunder season tickets this year, but will definately catch a few games.

  7. Love the minor league games. Inexpensive and just a fun time.

    If anyone in the NYC region is interested, the SI Yanks have a great group plan. Maybe some of us could get together and go. We only need 10 people. Contact me at

    brownpg at verizondotnet


  8. Sooz - thanks for coming to the Thunder game on Friday, glad you got here in time for a bobblehead!

    - Trenton Thunder