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April 27, 2010

2010 Baseball National Chicle live on eBay

From the preview photos, collectors (me, included) had strong opinions about 2010 Baseball National Chicle. Wednesday is the official release, but as always a few cards have leaked on to eBay.

Debard Span auto

Elvis Andrus jersey

This one seller is the only one that has posted cards at the time I did a search. But there are other sellers out there that are already selling singles based on the checklists.

Do you trust these kinds of sellers? I know everyone wants to be first with the cards. You can sell cards for a good price and quickly if you are among the first on eBay with them, but are we even sure they have the cards in hand?

Anyone thinking about picking up this product?


  1. I am going to give Chicle a good look, and maybe chase it if I can complete a couple other sets this year first.

  2. Yeah, I *might* buy a box because I'm curious about the contents, but the art from the Chicle football made me fearful.

  3. I think they have it on hand but just chose to save time and use generic images.

    As for picking some up - I watched Box Busters because I wasn't sure about Chicle, but now I will definitely pick up a blaster to try it, it looks very promising and fun. I just hope Topps didn't make the ratio deference between retail and hobby insanely different like they did for Heritage. It is just not fun opening a whole blaster and not getting any chrome and only two SPs.

  4. It looks like a good time. I don't know if I'll collect the set as I'm trying to cut back a little. But I'm definitely looking forward to it.

  5. I thought these weren't supposed to go live until next month? Couldn't Topps have at least waited for my next paycheck?? Ugh. I need to go sell a kidney or something now.

  6. I won't buy a box, but I'll buy some autos/relics individually once they surface a bit more regularly. I may even get crazy and pick up a pack or two at my shop, just to see them in person, but I won't be buying a box. Unless its a jumbo, $90 is more than I feel like spending on a box.

  7. Chicle does nothing for me. I bet most people are happy because it's the first new baseball product in forever.

    When does 2010 Topps series 2 come out? I figured it should have been out by now....

    as for buying presells, I don't do it anymore. I've gotten burned twice on topps base 330 card h/c sets in the past so I wait until it's in hand -- or actually wait a few weeks after release when the hub-bub dies down -- and then get it so I know it should be delivered before my paypal dispute rights run out if the seller never delivers.