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April 9, 2010

Closer to the pot of gold

I tried to be clever with my headline, not sure it really worked, but I'm getting closer to completing the 2008 Upper Deck Heroes rainbow with Kevin Kouzmanoff.

For all my collections, I usually don't put anything numbered under /10 on my want list. I want all the cards, but I am not crazy enough to go after a 1/1 so I can complete my set. However, if I see a card that is numbered low, I will still go after it and think of it as a bonus to my collection. I actually have a number of Kouzmanoff 1/1 for this reason.

On eBay, I recently picked up (and by recent, this probably means about three months ago) a Kouzmanoff UD Heroes jersey card I was missing.

There are 28 different cards on my Kouz UD Heroes watch list.

Twenty eight.

That's a lot of cards (not YSL a lot) to chase. Right now, I need 11 more. What's funny is that I've amassed this pile of bubble mailers over the last several months and haven't updated my wants lists yet. I could actually have more of these Heroes cards and just forgot that they're in there.

As I slowly get through the process, you'll get to see all my brand new, shiny cards.

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