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January 18, 2010

Set reveals from over the weekend

I was a little busy this weekend and had a difficult time posting some news I saw (it would have been slightly busier is Lady Gaga didn't cancel her show in Atlantic City, but I'm over it).

Upper Deck revealed several new upcoming sets with product information. Shockingly, Upper Deck still has yet to release pictures of any of its upcoming product for 2010 despite its flagship set to be released in the beginning of February.

- Blowout Cards had information on 2010 SP Authentic. There is a  200-card base set with 40 horizontal SP.

Some of the hits including, three autos per box including two By the Letter.

When will this set be released? Mid-April, apparently.

- Then, Beckett has some info on Goudey (there is also basic info on SP Authentic with the link). 

This set will be released in March with two autos and one memorabilia card per box. There are 200 standard cards and 100 various short-prints.

The big thing about this set is that it will be Pete Rose's debut.

In both products Exquisite cards will be one per case.


  1. So Upper Deck is continuing with their production as normal, except there just won't be any team names/logos anywhere on the cards?? That's kinda strange...

  2. With the loss of the license and the Yi-gi-oh lawsuit, I'm very concerned about no pictures for product that should be only weeks away. That is not like Upper Deck normally.

  3. the more I think about it, the more I"m not worried about no pictures from any 2010 UD product:

    1) if there is too much airbrushing, it'll probably kill the enthusiasm among collectors. If it's like those horrible 1980's unlicensed, I'm out and will quit collecting UD except for USA baseball.

    2) If it's airbrushing done great like 2008 Threads, then it gives MLBP and other parties a headstart on the lawsuits over logo copyright infringement.

  4. 3) Upper Deck decides, to hell with the licensing and prints cards with logos. Go ahead and sue us.

    A shop owner I know, (Marie you know him too), thinks this is the likely explanation.

    This would be an extremely early release for SPA, usually, it's much later in the year.

  5. Paul I spoke with the shop owner today via e-mail and was told that the Team USA sets were in already, and he spoke with a salesmen from UD Chicago and was told they are moving forward. We shall see in the upcoming weeks what happens I guess.