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January 23, 2010

What happened to 2002's Future Stars?

Recently, I busted a box of 2002 Fleer Triple Crown. It was a fun box to break, but some of the interesting cards were the Future Stars cards.

Frankly, not all of them became future stars. Of the Future Stars cards, I think just two of them could be considered certified stars. There were 20-30 in the set.

Here's a glimpse at most of the Future Stars cards.

Angel Berroa is not one of the Future Stars. He played just four full seasons and was last scene in a town called Flushing.

Here is one of our first stars, well, sorta. Juan Rivera has played well for the Angels. He was traded from the Yankees to Montreal as part of the Javier Vasquez trade. Then, he was traded by the Nationals to LA for Jose Guillen.


'Memba him?

He did not become a Future Star.

In seven seasons, Ransom has played in just 197 games.

This is only bonafide star in the mix.

George Perez played just one season in 1958 .. uh, wait. Wrong George Perez. Apparently, there is only one George Perez in the history of Major League Baseball. This guy never made it.

In 2001, Pedra Santana played one game.


Tyler "I can't stop sweating" Walker had an up and down season last year for the Phillies out of the bullpen.

Bill Ortega did one better. He played in five games in 2001. He got a medium-sized cup of coffee.

Dustin Mohr was kicking around until 2007. He spent time in Minnesota, San Francisco, Colorado and Boston.

Cruz is still around, but he isn't a star. Last year, he went 3-4 with a 5.72 ERA with Kansas City.

Guys named Corky shouldn't even be allowed to play baseball.

Seems like the Future Stars who don't end up with the Yankees, go to KC. Ramirez was 0-2 with a 5.96 ERA out of the Royals bullpen.


  1. Subsets like this are the reason the MLBPA stepped in and established the "ROOKIE CARD" program.

  2. Oh, and Angel Berroa was ALROY in '03.

  3. oh wow Drew Henson.....he played in Columbus the year i was able to go to over 20 games. We loved cheering for that Michigan bum! And by cheering for him....I mean cheering when he struck out. Which was alot....and usually on 3 pitches. Great memories!

  4. .287
    25 HR
    88 RBI

    ...Juan Rivera in 2009. No one likes him (I dont) but he should get a little bit more respect.

  5. Berroa's still kicking. The Dodgers have signed him to a minor league deal and invited him to spring training.

    Why, I have no idea.

  6. Wow, the last two were recent washouts on the White Sox.

  7. Chris said exactly what I was thinking--this is the very reason I'm glad the "Rookie Card" rules were put in place. These cards are ridiculous.