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January 27, 2010

Best envelope ever

The fun was actually inside the envelope.

In our recent contest, there was a question where we were asked if we could have any card before 1948, what would it be?

I chose a 1921 Miller Huggins card. I picked this card because Huggins was the manager of the Yankees on the first World Series championship team. I thought it was pretty unique and would be a nice addition to my collection.

Today I opened my mailbox and saw a little tiny envelope. I hoped it wasn't a chain letter.

Instead it was this from Matt at Number 5 Type collection.

I looked at the card and was speechless. I've never received anything like this before and couldn't believe Matt's generosity. Again, Matt, thanks so much.

I'll never be able to find something as cool as this to send back to you.


  1. Very nice card. Matt is a generous blogger. After a bit of research I think that the card is a W514 strip card. Is that correct?

  2. Yes, that's what the card is. I didn't realize I didn't include it in the blog post.


  3. Hey, glad you liked it!

    Wasn't so much about cost, as that set's pretty affordable--just knowing right where to look. Thanks for running an entertaining blog, even when the Yankees win more than I'd prefer. :-)

    This excellent gallery shows the complete 115-card W514 set, if you want to see all the NYY players.

  4. That is a nice card, there are some cool cards in that set. The Dode Paskert card makes me laugh.

  5. Oh, very nice card - it's a w514 strip, type card, hand cut.

    Very nice! I love vintage stuff so it's always fun to see that!

  6. Those lips are really really red. Very cool of Matt.