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January 7, 2010

Trip to the card shop

Since I seem to have trouble sleeping lately I was able to be at the gym bright and early yesterday, leaving me the day to do with what I wish. Well I wished to take a ride to the Baseball Card shop, and little B a.k.a. my car, granted my wish and took me there.

I walked in and Dave offered me gum, and then pulled out some piles of cards so I could entertain myself. We chatted for a bit about my issue with Topps and the Bowman card that never was. Dave knows the guy I bought the Bowman from and said he is a good guy, etc. etc. I also picked up a box of fun that one of our readers dropped off for me. There were a ton of cards in the box, Pujols, Cano, Russ, Jeter, some Yankees prospects, Hughes, and a bunch of Kouz cards for Sooz. (I am too lazy to scan all of them, but believe me there were a ton.)

I'm putting together something for you in return Dan. Thanks again for all the cards, they were a ton of fun to flip through and there were many that I don't have.

I found a nice pile of cards I wanted, along with a couple of random packs for funsies and a storage box. I happened to have been in the shop around the time school lets out and all the kids stop by to see Dave on their way home for a piece of gum. Some just stayed for gum, others used their lunch money to buy candy. If this store was on my way home from school, I'd have been the thinnest person in school because all my lunch money would have been spent on cards not lunch or candy.

Here is the pile of cards I picked, sadly there were no Pujols cards in the bunch.

Secretly I want to collect more Jeter cards, but need to focus on Pujols. It is too much to collect two of the most expensive players, on top of every other player I like. I have a decent size collection of Jeter, but want to build that up as well. I usually give Sooz my Jeter cards since I get her Pujols and when there are doubles of Jeter... I snarf them. As long as I can eventually have more Jeter cards than A-Rod, I will be a happy person.

I also noticed a Pujols RC in the case at the store that I was interested in, however it was a little out of my price range. The card belonged to a friend of Dave's so I asked Dave to let me know if he could give me a break on the card and I just got an e-mail with a nice price. I will probably go pick that up next week, so I am excited about that. I lost 3 times on eBay this week trying to win this card so now this saves me aggravation of losing a card by a freakin dollar again.

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