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January 12, 2010

Box break inspired by Old School Breaks

Watching a box break in December on Old School Breaks made me want to buy an older product. I opted for 2002 Fleer Triple Crown for roughly $30 on Dave and Adam's Card World, which is also where I picked up the Sweet Spot box where I pulled the Derek Jeter bat auto.

While I didn't get the same type of cards in this that I pulled in Sweet Spot, I enjoyed it almost the same. Almost.

I enjoyed the photos from this set. They were sharp and not all were the obligatory bat shot. There were some with players sliding into a base and dirt flying everywhere and fielding shots. Like in any set, there were some photos that did not work and some that if they ever made it to print in my paper, someone would get yelled at. However, for the most part, the photos work.

There's something about just natural photos of players enjoying the game that makes a card fun.

Here's the breakdown:
24 packs, 10 cards in each pack (a novel idea)

Base cards

2001 Scrapbook (part of base set)

Green parallel: Batting average (numbered to feature player's 2001 batting average)

The funny thing about this set is the worse a player hit, the rarer the card.

Mike Sweeney /304
Andres Galarraga /256
Barry Larkin /256

Diamond Immortaltiy (1:12)

Woo hoo!!  A Jeter!

Season Crowns (1:12)

Home Run Kings (1:24)

I forgot to scan the card, it was Todd Helton.

Game-Used cards (overall odds 1:24, RBI Kings 1:70)

Jeff Bagwell

This was the fun part of the break. I actually got four Derek Jeter cards in one box. The Diamond Immortality insert, which I showed earlier and needed for my PC, and these three base cards.