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January 28, 2010

2010 Topps Series 1 Blaster

In case you are wondering why I bought this, I honestly do not have an answer. I do lots of dumb things involving baseball cards. But enough with the jibber jabber, lets see what was in the blaster.

"Blasters contain 10 packs plus one patch card, includes 2 packs of exclusive throwback parallel cards".
We'll start with the thowback packs:

My favorite card in the box:

My second favorite card is over here:

And here are the rest:

Commemorative Patch: Tim Lincecum

It's very rare that I get "a" Pujols card in a blaster, much less 3 of them so this was very exciting for me. Odds on the original back were not in my favor at all, but there he was! I needed the Peak Performers card as well, but already had the Legendary Lineage one.

As far as Albert goes, I am still looking for: #4, Target exclusive red back, both league leaders gold cards, all black borders, When they were young, silk collection, and the other cards your mom threw away. If you have any of those, pretty much all my inserts are for trade.


  1. Any chance you can hold those throwback Tigers for me, at least temporarily while I find you something in return?

  2. Looks awesome. I love the throwbacks. Are they are a Target exclusive again?

    And I love that Rays franchise history card with the last out of the 2008 ALCS. I plan to get multiple copies of that card and hang it up in my cubicle at work and in my house.

  3. Those Million Card givaway redemption cards intrigue me. Do you get a card mailed to you or is it strictly an online thing?

  4. dayf sent us a few 2010 Topps, and they are slightly more compelling in person than in scans. But it's a set that doesn't inspire completism. We only want the cards from our team and some Curtiseseses. I mean Grandersons.

  5. Dan, the throwbacks are all yours.

    Patricia, do you need a Granderson? I am pretty sure I have a double if you want it.

  6. Marie, we do have the Granderson base, thank you for thinking of us though. Maybe you could put the Seaver aside? We seem to coming down with a case of Tom Collecting.

    Lucky Pujols packs!