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January 21, 2010

More 2010 Topps Series 1 Previews

For those of you who are not new here, you probably knew I would end up back at Target and that's great because it means you have been reading. If you thought I was done, well you need to pay more attention. I'm not listing all the base cards, but I scanned the inserts and a few base cards of interest with some scans of the backs so you can see what the back looks like as well. So feast your eyes on these:

Copper ToppsTown
Beckett, Lee, Teixeira
PUJOLS, A-Rod, Wright
Banks, Robinson
Yaz (Cards you thanked your mom for throwing away)
Howard/Hamels, Pudge, Yaz back
Carlton, Mauer, Pedroia (hate him)
Hernandez Gold
Mariano, Mantle, Robinson
The Yankees. Double of one checklist, the "Anthem in New York with Jeter, A-Rod, and Cano are checklist cards, which there are 5 of total)
Gayest baseball card picture this year, guaranteed.
For Tricia. 'Nuff said.
Why on Earth would they use this terrible picture? Bah.
Only a month to find out I won air.

So.... Taaaadaaahhhhhh. I'm done now. (Maybe) I went back to Target after dinner thinking the whole gravity box would be empty by now, and there were ALOT of packs missing but there were still about 40 left. I cracked 10 in this post, in case you were wondering how I did on the odds.


  1. It's times like these I wish we had Target stores in Canada. Bah.

  2. The Randy Johnson pic is from his 300th win. The diving throw he made, which, I believe, got him through the 5th inning to put him eligible for the win.

  3. I don't really go for new sets (for building) and I'm doing a crazy set thing now (every 1978 Topps product set, including non-sports)... But this Topps set is really tempting me. Not so much the base set, but the insert sets, especially those red backs..

  4. I think the Johnson picture is super! The wrong angle, though. Still great.

    Hysterical comment about the "gayest" card of the year.

  5. My favorite part of about the Randy Johnson photo is the fact that there is no one in the stands.

  6. Thanks for all of the previews! I have to say that the Topps set looks really good this year, and your posts are tempting me to do something I really don't want to do - buy a box.

  7. That Johnson 300th win game was against the Nationals in DC. I had tickets to the game and it was rained out the night before. There weren't many people at the game because it was rescheduled for a funky start time and it was stil wet. Cool to see it made it on to a card!

  8. I, too, received the Berkman/Hampton photo day fun card and I, too, thought they looked like they batted for the other team. LB looks like he's wearing makeup and maybe high heels (but they're out of the shot).

  9. i guess your not a sox fan huh???? lol since your not would you like to get rid of that yaz card???? cuz i would like it
    . if so lets work out a trade. thanks much