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January 5, 2010

How I spent my Christmas cash

I decided rather than spending my money on boxes that I would ultimately get nothing out of or just not enjoy, I picked up one card for the win. This was actually my second purchase because I was trigger happy on Christmas, bought something from my Blackberry which turned out to be fake. Needless to say that was a headache I didn't need, and learned not to buy things without seeing them on my computer (oh and patience!). It actually worked out for the best because this auto is cooler than getting the Bowman buyback I had originally bid on. (Special thanks to Chris Olds for helping me out with looking at that purchase and giving me some interesting background on those cards.)

Here is what I decided on:

2006 Sweet Spot Signatures Albert Pujols 12/15

I wanted something on card, and had enough money to get a Pujols auto so it seemed pretty stupid to buy a box of air or many boxes of air when I could have a card I would not otherwise purchase or pull from a box.

Now all I need next year is a signed ball card (not from 2007).


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  2. you have guts, girl!

    I would like a pujols auto but I am staying away because Pujols auto is too easy to forge and I have a gut feeling a lot of stuff I see on the auction site might be fake (at least anything below $100).

    I suppose sometime I"ll have to be reamed by UDA just to make sure my pujols auto I get is authentic.

    the "lottery ticket" for me would be to insert more pujols autos into the few products I buy a box of each year and hope I hit the motherload of a pujols auto.