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January 25, 2010

2010 Fantasy Baseball

As it stands right now these are the confirmed teams back from last season:

1. The Franchise
2. The Dude
3. Purple Donkey
4. Carolina XFractors
5. Boneyard Braves
6. Cards on Cards
7. Victorious Secret
8. MOJOJAZZ (I think he sent an e-mail)

I am still waiting to hear from Grand Cards, gcrl, and possibly MOJOJAZZ. Depending on their responses I will let everyone know how many spots are definitely available.

Team names can be changed or remain the same for this season. I have a waiting list for the remainder of the spots. I am looking to cap it at 10-12 teams, head-to-head, limited roster moves per week (i.e. no daily pick ups and drops), and the rest will be discussed once full.

For the people that played last season, would you prefer a 10 or 12 team cap?

Waiting List as of today: Mr. Scott (who will be taking Sooz's spot), Peterson, Anthony K., Duane, Cardboard Icons (if he is still interested).


  1. oh heck yes...for me it's the waiting list or nothin'.

  2. Hi Marie and Sooz. Just sent you an email indicating I'd like to play again (Victorious Secret).

    I also like the proposed changes to the format of play. Can't wait 'till draft day!

  3. If there ends up being an extra spot after all those in waiting, I'm game.

  4. Can't wait!

    I'd prefer a 10-team league to 12 teams. If we go with 12 teams, maybe reduce the roster size so that there will still be some good players available in free agency and waivers.

    We're still going to have daily lineup changes, right? How would "no daily pick ups and drops" work? Would there only be one day a week that you could pick up and drop players?

  5. Hey, I'd like to be considered for the mighty fantasy league. Thanks,
    Chuck from HamRamMobtown.

  6. I wouldn't mind a spot on the waiting long as I don't have to draft any Yankees.

  7. Can't wait for the season to start!!!

  8. Put me down on the waiting list and let me know if I come up. Team would be: Team AlMan! Thanks Alan

  9. For all those that are going to be new, the league will cost $20 per team. I should have mentioned that.

    Also, weekly roster moves would mean no daily pick ups. Daily roster moves means daily add/drops which really defeats the purpose of drafting a team. We will all talk about the pros and cons once we have a full field.

  10. I always liked daily rosters, for the record. Perhaps, we will cap the amount of moves in some format to prohibit 100 moves a week.

    Definitely willing to leave it to a vote, but there are advantages/disadvantages to each.

  11. Hey I'm 50/50 right now but will let you know by the end of the week. I've been in two other head-to-head leagues for the last few years, and I'm not sure that I'm up for another one. What ever happened to good ol' fashioned roto leagues?

    Anyway, I'll make a final decision this week and let you know whether I'm in or out. Either way, thanks for running the league again!

  12. I'd love to be on the waiting list!!! Please...please!!

  13. i've been out of touch and missed all the fantasy league talk, i guess.
    looks like the league is full, and that's ok with me - i don't really need to get my butt kicked again!
    good luck!