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January 4, 2010

Remember the craziness of this card?

I was alerted to this card's appearance on eBay from Blowout Cards's tweet this morning. The base card of the 2007 Topps Derek Jeter card with Mickey Mantle and George W. Bush created such a stir when the set was released.

People overpaid mightily for this card and then realized if they waited they could have it cheaply in just a few short weeks. That buzz created many problems on eBay from buyers having remorse afterward and sellers wanting to cash in on their prize.

I bought a hobby box of Topps before the prices sky rocketed to get this card. As a Jeter collector, it needed to be in my collection. I pulled the base and the red back from the hobby box, which made for fun times in my household. By that, I mean, my boyfriend didn't have to worry about me raging like a lunatic because I didn't get the card.

This card featured, however, is the platinum 1/1 version of the card that just popped onto eBay (auction link).

The seller is asking for $6,999 or best offer and it is up for roughly a month.

I'll be watching to see how this card will do and, no, I will not put in an offer. So far, there have been two offers on the card and both have been declined.


  1. That card (the gold version) brought me back into the hobby... I hadn't bought a pack in years and on a whim I bought a box of '07 Topps and pulled the gold version of that card. It looked odd with the folks in the background so I brought it to my hobby shop. The guy said people were paying big for them, so he traded me a hobby box of 2007 Heritage and a monster was born...

  2. 7 grand for any card sounds outrageous to me. I'm curious what you guys think is a reaonable offer for it. Ebay drives me nuts with BIN prices.

  3. What, you think $6,999 is too much? He didn't ask for $7,000, thus proving the seller is extremely reasonable.
    eBay Shut-In

  4. That's crazy. BUT if I had the card I'd probably throw it up there with some crazy price too just to see if anyone would bite. Also, if the guy was only asking for a few hundred, lots of people wouldn't have even seen this card up for sale.

    As for a reasonable offer, this card does have a few different type of collectors who might be interested: The Topps collector, a Jeter or Mantle collector, someone who REALLY likes George W. Bush, or some big wig with lots of money to spend on a card that is an instant conversation starter ... No idea what a typical collector might spend though. Aren't the gold versions (/2007) still selling pretty well? (like $150-plus?)

  5. sheesh. I pulled four (two red two white backs) and still never bothered to sell them. It's like topps makes up its own lore throught the collector's misadventures post-retail. What's so much better than the money I almost put down for a gold version, is the fact that we get to wax nostalgic about it now.

  6. I actually know the person who has this card.

    He got the card from a guy on SCF for what he says is a reasonable price and believes he can still get a pretty penny for it (as seen by the opening BIN).

    cardboardicons-- Don't forget that Keith Olbermann is a HUGE collector and was buying up a ton of these cards when they hit the bay. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he actually ended up buying this one as well.

  7. Collective Troll, that's a very cool story. Jeter isn't all bad :)

    I think BIN/OBO listings on eBay are done high purposely to ensure the seller doesn't get owned on the price. I don't think many people really expect a card to sell for the BIN price.

    BTW, I call it in a gimmick card because it's gimmicky. I use the term because that's how I feel about these types of cards. They are photoshopped and skew reality, so I don't care for them.

  8. I dont really care for them - I would've been on the selling bandwagon if I pulled one when it was hot - but I did take notice of the card when it happened, and it definitely piqued my interest in the hobby (again).