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January 3, 2010

Topps can suck it in 2010

Thank you for responding to my letter about my missing jumbo patch serial numbered to 40 or less missing from my craptastic hobby box of 2009 Unique so quickly. I really do appreciate your computer generated letter of nothing that has nothing at all to do with the problem I had, nor does it rectify the situation in any capacity.

Oh, and I also want to thank you for replacing the JUMBO PATCH CARD /40 or less with a card that sucked as much as the rest of the box I wrote the letter complaining about. I guess your solution to customer service now that you have an exclusive with MLB in 2010 is to send the consumer whatever is laying around the office in the hopes that you will appease the lowly peon that purchased a box of junk for $120. Super.

Perhaps if I were a 12 year old child I wouldn't know better, or know the difference between JUMBO and itsy bitsy /275 but I am an adult and sadly I do. If I hadn't mentioned that the box was missing a JUMBO patch or that I collect a few different players, NONE of which are Joe Mauer then this card would have made sense. (For the record I like Joe Mauer alot.)

If you don't plan on delivering what is stated on the box, then why bother writing it? Furthermore if you are going to make me spend more money to send you a letter, 24 wrappers, and a UPC code to get the missing card, you could send the JUMBO patch card and not whatever you felt like.

An angry customer.

P.S. If anyone else would like to add to this please by all means have a go at it. I may mail the whole thing to them.


  1. sorry to hear that babe, but it's Topps. Did you really expect anything different?

  2. I don't think the jumbo patches are one per box, I think they are 2-3 per case.

    You should however, have received a regular patch card most likely of a sub-star player (see Young, Michael).

    It sucks Topps screwed over yet another collector yet again.

    2010 could get ugly.

  3. According to what I've read, every box should yield either a Primetime Patches #'d to 99 or a Jumbo Relic #'d to 40.

  4. sru, either way I got screwed by being sent another regular old boring card with a tiny swatch.

  5. Did you contact Topps by e-mail or on the phone? I was having problems reaching an acceptable solution with them on the replacement of a card until I called on the phone. From there it was smooth sailing and I actually ended up getting more than I expected to. If you haven't already, I would call them up and explain the situation and see what they're willing to do. At this point, they should let you keep the Mauer and also send a patch card that you're owed.

  6. Offy, I plan on calling them tomorrow or Tuesday about it to see what happens. Thanks for the info, hope I get something decent.

  7. Well said. You should send them that in a letter. In fact, send it directly to Clay Luraschi's attention

  8. You should mail them poop.

  9. It should be noted that, although it said so on the sell sheet, there is no mention of a guaranteed one-per-box jumbo patch card numbered to 40 or less on the wax box or pack wrapper.

  10. I disagree Chris Harris... If a box costs $120 or more, then it should be included! Using 'specifics' as an excuse doesn't fly with me, or shoud it with any other collector!!

  11. First of all there are two Jumbo's.

    There is a Jumbo Relic /40, and a Jumbo Patch Relic. 40/less.
    Two different hits.

    Both are seeded 2 per 10 box case.

    Then there is a prime patch, and regular relic / 270 These are the hits you pull when you don't beat the odds.

    So in other words an average box ( not one of the special two).

    On average ( average is the key word) will contain.

    1. Autograph
    1. Relic
    1. Prime Patch

    If you open a box, and dont receive one of the three above then you have a problem.

  12. Yeah, Just opened a box myself. This set completely blows. I had no autograph in my box just 3 shitty inserts not worth piss....what a waste of time and money....I hate this set