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January 4, 2010

Trading Old School style

John at Old School Breaks recently busted a box of 2001 Fleer Genuine and he pulled a Jeter insert that he was kind enough to trade to me.

In return I sent him a bunch of 2007 Masterpieces cards and killed a lot of the cards on his want list.

John was also nice enough to throw in this Jeter I did not have.

Looking at the cards he pulled, enticed me to get my own hobby box of something a little older, but still from 00's (I have no clue how I am supposed to write that).

Look for that box break in a post some time soon.


  1. I prefer the calling the 00's the Noughties.

  2. I personally would have written it the "2000's" and I'll probably end up calling this decade the "2010's".

    ps, early 2000's wax (and mid-late 1990's for that matter) is fun! A box can usually be had for no more than a Jackson and it can be a fun rip, even if it's just base and inserts and no relics/autos. I'm looking forward to starting 1996 Laser that I just acquired a few weeks ago.