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January 2, 2010

Interesting Jeter cards of 2009

Just thought I would share some of the more interesting finds (although not in my collection) Derek Jeter cards from 2009. Some of these cards were mentioned on the blog previously.

In no particular order:

1. Topps Chrome World Baseball Classic Superfractor

I only mention this card because I am not sure if I have seen a Jeter superfractor. This card recently popped up on eBay with an enormous price tag and went unsold. I know in recent memory I haven't seen a superfractor.

2. Sweet Spot Signatures with upside-down autograph

Marie featured this card on the blog when she found it earlier year. For the life of me, I don't know why she was looking for Jeter autos. :)

Apparently, when it got to the end of the line, Upper Deck workers were a little tired and put in the auto upside down on this card numbered 50/50. I forget the sale price, but it sold for money than the other autos of the group.

3. Upper Deck SP3 Jeter all-time hit king

I wrote about this card and told everyone I was tired of the gimmicks. This coming on the heels of a card that will be featured later.

The more comments left and the more they sounded reasonable, this card actually grew up on me. This isn't a gimmicky card, but rather an SP commemorating a baseball achievement.

I still don't own it.

4. Heritage High Numbers Red Sox logo SP

So this card makes me angry for so many reasons. But the only reason that matters is the Red Sox logo tainting this card.

5. Goodwin Champions (mini version pictured)

I put this card up because it was my favorite base card of his from this year. I enjoyed ripping open Goodwin and I liked this card because everything is happy in the world.

Jeter stands on second base, laughing it up with his friends as he waits for Alex Rodriguez to drive him in. It's a nice spring day with fluffy crowds in the background and the fans cheering him in a brand-new ballpark. It was as though Jeter knew the Yankees would be World Series champions.

6. 1993 Jeter autograph buyback

Yes, any Jeter collector would probably love to get their hands on this card. It is his most-coveted rookie card autographed. There are only 93 of them made.

This card was inserted into random packs of SP Authentic (I never found any) and fetches around $1,500 or more it on eBay.

Hope everyone had a thrilling 2009 with the Card Bandits (that's Marie and me) and 2010 will bring more fun.

Just for counting sake, my Jeter collection is up 1,458 unique cards. Only 10,000 more to go.


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    Thanks Rich

  2. Where did the phrase gimmick card come from?

    I don't get this?

    They are called variations, and they have been around for a very long time.

    Why don't certain collectors like them? Its something to chase is it not?