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January 13, 2010

Wolverine24 is suspended and I didn't get my card

I read on Sports Card Uncensored that eBay seller Wolverine 24 was suspended from eBay. Funny thing about this guy is that I paid for an item on Dec. 22, an Andy Pettitte card.

I kept checking the tracking and there was no information. Finally, Monday I decided to file a claim. I look at the auction and see the card has actually shipped and is in New Jersey. I should get the card by Tuesday.

While at work and checking blogs (because that's what we all do at work), I read Sports Card Uncensored site and see that Wolverine 24's eBay account was apparently suspended. I check the tracking for the card again and see that it was in fact delivered. I drive home and check the mailbox and there is the bubble mailer.

Yes! My sweet Andy Pettitte 1997 Pinnacle Certified Mirror Blue SP.

Oh, but wait.

This is what I got:

That's not Andy Pettitte. Instead, I believe this is 1997 Jason Dickson Pinnacle Certified Mirror Gold.


I've contacted eBay to tell them I received the wrong card, but because Wolverine24 is no longer a registered user, what else can I do?

I really just want my card.


  1. I'm afraid your card doesn't really exist.

  2. Contact wolverine via Paypal.

    It has been highly rumored they were suspended for non-payment of their eBay fees and that they should be back soon (if not under their current name, a new one).

  3. can I ask why you bought from him to begin with? one of the top two scam artists on the bay, and you gave him money?

  4. I honestly did not know about him until recently. I bought one card and received it.

    Bought the card and then was reading a message board and read about him.

    I hoped to get my card. Just didn't happen.

  5. File your claim with Paypal. I actually bought something from this guy a while ago long before I knew about him and his reputation. I got my cards but it took forever. Maybe if enough people file claims against him he'll be banned no matter what logon he uses.