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January 24, 2010

A 1/1 that is really 1/2

I got an e-mail from my buddy Dan who frequents the same card shop that I do showing me two eBay auctions he had found. He collects Hamilton and Bruce so that is probably what led him to these cards. Both cards are from 2009 Topps Triple Threads, and both claim to be 1/1 White Whales.

In this corner we have the auction for the "1/1"

And in this corner, we have the buy-it-now "1/1"

You can't even get mad at the sellers of these cards because it's some yo-yo at Topps, or a "machine error" that made this all happen. Or..... someone has a great card making machine/scam at home (however that is doubtful).



  1. Aren't they just printing plates? So really there are likely 2 more of these 1/1s out there.

  2. I am wondering the same thing, but I thought white whales were different from printing plates. Did Triple Threads re-name printing plates white whales? I really have no idea, but I never saw a green printing plate, which is what one of them appears to be.

  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure White Whale is what they call them instead of printing plates.

  4. They are just yellow and black printing plates, TTT has always called their printing plates White Whales.

  5. Green printing plate? Printing plates *should* always come in four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK). Those four colors are used in large, four-color, offset printing presses.

  6. cyan-1/1

  7. Yes, after doing some looking around I am well aware they are printing plates. When did they make a green one though?

    Maybe if I bought 1/1 stuff I would be more familiar with this, but $100+ on a card I already have as an autograph doesn't tempt me in the least.

  8. Maybe one of them is the US version and the other is the asian version? You know, because topps and Upper Deck load the cases they send over there the hell up.

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  9. It isn't green from ink, it is green from a sheen on the plate itself. There are many chemical reactions in the process from a blank plate to a cleaned plate that has been through a press.

  10. so yellow, cyan, magenta, and black just happen to leave the press in those colors in every series?

  11. There are either color blind or people with terrible monitors posting, that isn't green, I don't know why it keeps getting referred to as so. It is clearly a yellow tint.